Lorenzo Walnut Table with netted 4 netted chairs

Are you looking for a beautiful dining table for your family but don’t have more space to adjust it? Well! I have the best solution for you. Lorenzo’s walnut table is a perfect choice. It can be adjustable in a small place due to its four netted chairs, which can be hidden to save space when not in use.

Features of the Lorenzo Walnut Table:

There are numerous unique features of this beautiful table. Let’s move to know about them.

Save Space:

One of the main features of Lorenzo walnut dining is to save space. It is beneficial when your primary concern is to save space but not looking it congested. So this dining is an ideal choice.

Beautiful Design:

Its unique design makes it look elegant and beautiful. The dining table has a lovely color combination of brown and shocking pink. So it not only saves space but also enhances the beauty of your kitchen.


The wood used to make the table and chairs is of the best quality, make it durable for a long time. So you need to spend just a few scents and get beautiful dining for your small family.

Comfortable Chairs:

Many dining tables with netted chairs have an eye-catching design, but their chairs are not comfortable. So when you sit for eating a meal, you don’t feel easy. But walnut dining table gives you easy chairs because the very soft fabric is used to make them.

Easily Portable:

Due to its small size, this dining table is very easy to carry with you if you are going on a trip, long holidays, or shift your home.

Available in Reasonable Price:

It is the last but most important feature of the product. This walnut dining table is available at a meager price of RM 1500 at qqfurniture.net.

Pros and Cons of the Lorenzo Walnut Table:

As you know, a picture has two sides. It means every product also has some benefits and downside. Let’s move to know about them.


  1. Have an eye-catching design
  2. Easy to adjust everywhere
  3. A perfect choice to save space
  4. Durable for a long time
  5. Portable to everywhere
  6. Provides comfortable chairs
  7. The whole package is available at a meager price.


  1. Not suitable for large families

Why you should buy the Lorenzo Dining table?

When your primary concern is arranging furniture in a small room without making it look crowded, space-saving tables and chairs are the right choices.


So I have shared all the necessary information about Lorenzo dining table. It is a beautiful choice for you to save space and have a small family because it has many stunning features. You will never be let down with your pick after buying this table on a concise budget.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the website and order this beautiful piece for your kitchen.

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