Is neem wood good for furniture

Neem is one of the most common and popular trees in Asia and nearby countries. There are various factors behind its popularity and fame, having one of the best textures enhances its value.

Neem has been there for centuries, and since then, it is being used for various purposes. There are plenty of diseases such as malaria and many other health problems that can be cured using neem bark. Neem leaves are used in different seeds’ packs to preserve them from insects. Although it has many benefits, the question here is, is neem wood good for furniture?

Is neem wood good for furniture

Well, the answer to this question can easily be given by the fact that neem is one of the most traded trees in the world. When it comes to creating wooden material that is durable and less expensive as well, neem is the go-to option.

This article will help you decide whether neem wood is good to be used in the manufacturing of furniture or not. This will cover almost all minor to major aspects of the above-stated question, is neem wood good for furniture?

What is neem wood

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Neem wood comes from a well-known tree usually known as neem, nim, or margosa. It belongs to the mahogany family of trees and woods.

Neem is most commonly found in South Asian countries mainly in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

Neem wood furniture quality

The grains of neem wood are perfectly interlocked which allows it to stay strong for a long period of time, even under extreme pressure. Where these grains enhance neem wood’s durability and strength, it makes its texture a bit rough as well.

This is the reason that neem wood is widely used in making axles of cart and oars but is not preferred to make highly polished furniture.

Neem wood furniture advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of neem wood for furniture:

  • The reddish-brown color of neem wood gives an eye-catching finish to the crafted furniture.
  • Extremely durable and cannot be split easily.
  • Its interlocked grains increase its lifetime. This is also the reason behind its everlasting durability and strength.
  • Because of its texture, working with neem is more than easy. You can work with this with the help of hand equipment.
  • Termite resistance is the major and most effective advantage of neem wood furniture.

Disadvantages of neem wood for furniture:

  • The neem wood furniture is usually a lot harder to work with because of its extreme weight. Although it is not that heavy but is quite heavy as compared to pine wood.
  • Although termites and wood borers cannot affect the neem wood furniture, huge amounts of water standing near the furniture can cause damage to the furniture.

Can neem wood be polished

Neem wood can be polished but cannot be polished to the extent of other wood furniture in the world.

This is because the texture of neem wood is a little rough and there are grains on the outside.

Sanding or a high polishing of neem wood furniture may not be possible like you see on other woods such as walnut, maple, oak.

This is the reason that neem wood is usually used to craft furniture or wood materials that don’t need a high rate of smoothness and finish.

Is neem wood termite proof

Neem wood contains an extreme amount of antifeedant properties and has toxicity not only in its bark but inner wood as well. These factors allow them to not only protect themselves from the termites but from various other kinds of insects and pests as well, mainly wood borers.

You can get an idea by the fact that villagers or farmers put the leaves and branches of neem inside the bucket of ingredients such as wheat.

This practice protects wheat from various kinds of pests and allows them to stock it for the whole year.

Is neem wood good for bed

Neem wood is good for beds and usually preferred by people who look for durability and can compromise on the texture and polishing of their bed.

The bed has to bear a good weight for at least 10 to 12 hours a day and there has to be a wood that can stay strong and live for decades. In this case, neem wood should be considered and maybe the best option in the world.

Apart from this, neem wood is termite-proof which will surely make it live a long without showing signs of decay any soon.

Is neem wood good for the sofa

Neem wood is totally good for sofas, and chairs, sofa, and tables are some of the most common wood furniture that is created using neem wood.

Neem wood has strength and durability which makes it the best option while creating such kind of furniture.

You may think of other woods that can bring such strength but they will not be available in the neem wood’s inexpensive price tag.

Is Neem wood good for wardrobe

Yes Neem wood is good for wardrobe. The best wood to use for a wardrobe is plywood and Neem wood plywood are designed for that purpose. You can use Neem wood to make wardrobe, cabinets and some other household furnitures.

How to identify neem wood furniture

There are various factors and identifying most of these can give you a clear idea of whether the wood furniture is made up of neem or some other tree wood.

  1. It has an eye-catching and perfect reddish-brown color.
  2. There is a slight aroma in the neem wood.
  3. Neem wood furniture usually has a bit but not much rough surface.
  4. There will be either no or less polishing/finishing.
  5. Its weight will be a bit heavier than other woods such as pine.

How to termite-proof neem wood furniture

  1. Protect your neem wood furniture from moisture and water.
  2. Apply a coat of aloe vera or aloe vera gel on the parts of furniture that are in touch with the ground. This practice should be done after every few weeks.
  3. Keep neem wooden furniture away from other wood furniture that can easily be affected by termites.
  4. Get help from a professional chemicals solution at least once in a year if not twice.
  5. Polish your furniture with some acidic ingredients that are not good for pests. This should only be applied to the legs of your furniture.

Neem wood FAQs

  1. Is Neem wood good for door frames?

    Yes, Neem wood is good for door frames. Although Sal wood is considered as the best wood for door frames because of it’s heaviness, however, Neem wood will also make an excellent door and window frames.

  2. Is Nee wood good for windows?

    Yes, Nee woods are good for window. New wood is one of the top choices for making interior and exterior windows, simply because they are thick, strong, and are highly resistant against insect and fungus.

  3. Is Neem wood safe for budgies?

    No, Neem wood is not safe for buddies, therefore, that must be prevented from direct access to the wood at all cost.

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