Is whitewood good for furniture

Whitewood is the best choice for flooring, kitchen items, and many other products, but is whitewood good for outdoor furniture? I am going to talk about it in detail. So keep reading till the end to get a deep insight.

Whitewood is the best option for almost all types of furniture. As they have a decorative, satisfying exterior that makes the furniture looks great. It has a good texture. Not only this, white wood is very lightweight and soft, so you can efficiently work with it. It is also solid. It belongs to the variety of hardwood that results in solid and durable furniture. Moreover, whitewood is readily available in Malaysia.

Is whitewood good for furniture

Is whitewood pine

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No whitewood and pine are slightly different from each other. But usually, pine is actually sold as white wood, depending on where you live. This is because they are so comparable in appearance that the same term “whitewood” is used to describe both.

Basically, the lack of pinewood has increased the demand for white wood in the market. As a result, Whitewood gets its position to some extent, particularly in terms of employing a wide board.


When we talk about the weight difference between the two wood types, whitewood is light in weight, while pine is slightly heavier.


One more thing that differentiates the whitewood from pine, knots are at first glance. Although pinewood has fewer knots, whitewood does not usually be short of it. It has more knots as compared to pine. So this is a considerable difference between them.


Whitewood is typically used to make simple and everyday items, including furniture, cabinets, doors or sash, and even flooring in some cases. Pine is usually used for slightly more durable flooring s compared to whitewood, and it is also used in building construction.


The last but most apparent difference you will find when buying wood is the price. Whitewood is less expensive than pine.

Is whitewood hard or soft

Yeah, whitewood is a kind of softwood. Because of their gentle nature, they are easy to work with. If you ask any carpenter about it, they will agree with you.

As compared to other wood types, it is easier to stain, trim, and cut. This lessens the time duration it requires to complete the project.

Is whitewood expensive

One of the major reasons for using whitewood is that it is cheap. It is easily accessible in Malaysia and worldwide. As white wood is obtainable in great quantity, it is usually more affordable than other kinds of wood used for furniture making.

What is whitewood made of

It refers to the yellow poplar or American tulipwood, one of the tallest woody trees around the world. So, naturally, it can be grown up to 160 feet high, which is a rewarding choice for wood mills. Moreover, it grows rapidly; there is no danger of dropping the population of these trees. 

Whitewood explains a utility wood that is employed for things that are internal and largely unseen. For instance, toe kick framing, brackets, and webbing are often made of whitewood.

But that doesn’t mean that many visible things aren’t made of whitewood. It will not be tricky to find decorations, chairs, cupboards, and ornamental products at your local furniture store. Even small things such as picture frames are often made of this versatile and durable wood.

Is whitewood good for outdoors

It is a natural termite opposing wood. So, buying wood is a good choice if you are renovating your courtyard or garden. However, it is not sustainable like cedar or some other hardwoods that are exclusive for the exteriors. There is no harm in placing whitewood furniture on concrete lagging.

You can also apply a final finishing coat, which will last for a long time. Obviously, like any other wood, whitewood furniture should be set away from any water as water is the main assistant for wood to fail.

Is whitewood good for garden beds

Raised garden beds, also referred to as garden boxes, are perfect for planting small flowers and vegetables. They prevent soil contamination, put off weed from garden topsoil, obstruct pests, and provide good drainage.

Whitewood can be used to construct the planters or garden beds, but it must be conserved to make it resistant to rot, fungus, and weathering. Whitewood is also soft, which makes it prone to gouges, nicks, and other damages.

Whitewood furniture pros and cons

Pros of whitewood furniture

The pros of whitewood furniture are:

1. Durable

Furniture pieces that are manufacture from this wood can last for several years if set aside comparatively dry. Furthermore, whitewood is excellent for outdoor projects, mainly if you reside in a region with a hot climate.

Cons of whitewood furniture

The cons of the whitewood furniture are:

1. Soft

This wood type is soft, which enhances its absorption capacity. Undoubtedly, whitewood is easy to stain and paint. However, if you aren’t cautious, it can take up surplus paint to ruin your furniture.

So, you have to be very specific about the number of paint layers you apply on. You don’t want the wood furniture pieces to absorb excessive paint.

2. Rots easily

Another major issue with whitewood is that it putrefies very quickly. So you have to handle the wood appropriately; otherwise, it gets rotted. It mainly occurs when your white wood furniture is exposed to external elements for a very long time. Consequently, even if you are employing it for outdoor furniture, you have to ensure that you take them in when the weather is bad or raining.

3. Absorbs water

Like paint, this decent wood can absorb water quickly, which may lead to cracking and wrapping of the wood. So, you have to always keep it out of the water; otherwise, it will eradicate your furniture.

How to identify whitewood furniture

Eventually, the white wood color depends on the kind of wood employ to make the wood. Numerous commercially accessible choices are made from yellow poplar or tulip trees; however, you may also use whitewood lumber prepared from southern yellow pine or spruce.

In many cases, this wood has a creamy white color, like the color of pine wood. Debatably, the easiest method to differentiate between these two types of wood is to examine the knots aboard.

If the number of knots in a board is high, it means you are looking at the whitewood. Besides, white wood planks are lighter than pine lumber planks.

Regardless of these dissimilarities, whitewood and pine wood are difficult to tell by looking at them, and even you have prior experience with both lumber.

How to protect whitewood furniture

Here are some practical ways tips that you can use to protect your white wood furniture.

Remove fingerprints weekly

You sit on your white wood sofa or chairs. It may leave your finger points at them, which may look ugly and affect your furniture’s beauty. Therefore, to remove them, you can use a magic eraser weekly. It is the easiest and fastest way to make a big difference.

Clean Monthly

Besides the regular dusting, you may have to cleanse your white wood furniture products monthly to keep them crisp and bright. To do this, add a cup of white wine vinegar to two cups of warm water and clean with a supple towel. By using this method, you can clean your furniture within seconds.

Keep out of direct light

Do you know that direct light can turn your white wood furniture into yellow over time? Yes, it is. Be sure that you place all products of white wood in a space that is out of direct sunlight or can be enclosed with a window treatment to avoid staining.

How to keep white wood furniture clean

How to Properly Stain Your Whitewood Furniture

You might think that it is okay to leave your white furniture in direct sunlight. It means, generally, you should avoid direct light on the furniture because it can cause discoloration and bleach out. But if it’s already white, that shouldn’t be a problem? Okay, exposure to direct light can dull the white and turn into yellow over time.

To keep your white wood furniture clean, follow the below-mentioned tips.

  1. Employ a soft micro-fiber cloth to clean your white wood furniture regularly, and clean up instantly if there is any spill out. You can put off the dust from accumulating by wash it with a slightly wet cloth, putting a modest additional pressure as essential on smudges.
  2. Standard wood furniture polish can lessen the exposure of abrasive surfaces; however, the application should be restricted to a few times per year to put off further damage from over-polishing.


So finally I conclude that whitewood is suitable for furniture building, but it requires a lot of care. It absorbed water and rotted easily. And its soft nature allows it to absorb more paint. So be cautious. I hope this piece of information is very useful for you.