Is alder wood good for furniture

Alder wood can only be found in the Pacific Northwest and has become an extremely popular wood for manufacturing furniture. This is one of the most demanded hardwoods globally and has only been introduced about 20 years ago.

Since its emergence globally, alder wood is being compared with well-known woods such as oak, maple, cherry, and pine. Even if there are various proofs about its versatility and sturdiness, people still ask, is alder wood good for furniture? This question only arises as this wood is new to the market.

Is alder wood good for furniture

Although alder wood is new to the world market, it has been used in the Pacific Northwest for decades. They prefer alder wood for different furniture applications. They have experienced the idea of why this wood is perfect.

One of the best things about alder wood is that it can keep everything in places, such as nails and glue. If you have some confusion or questions regarding alder hardwood, keep on reading this article. We assure you that you will have a bunch of helpful information regarding each aspect of alder wood furniture including the alder wood cabinets pros and cons.

Is alder a hardwood

Alder is a hardwood, but it can be categorized as soft or medium range hardwood because of its physical properties. It does have medium-range density, and it has less shock resistance and bending strength.

If you compare the hardness of poplar and pine on a scale, alder hardwood will most probably come just above these two hardwoods. This is the reason that experts claim it as one of the softest or semi-hardwoods in the world.

Alder wood is most commonly used to create kitchen cabinets and decorative products such as picture frames.

Is alder wood expensive

A few years back, alder was widely known as the “poor man’s cherry.” This title was given to it because of its cherry wood-like properties and extremely low prices. However, alder wood is not that cheap nowadays, but it is still inexpensive as compared to many other hardwoods in the market, such as mahogany.

To make it simple for you, it can be said that alder hardwood is standing in the middle of high and low prices of different hardwoods used for furniture. This is a good option for people who want good quality hardwood without digging a hole in their pocket.

Where does alder wood come from

In simple words, alder wood usually comes from the Pacific Northwest, and this region is probably the only place on earth to grow alder trees.

The area where alder trees or wood can be found ranges from Southeast British Columbia to Northern California. These areas have an immense amount of alder trees that bear fruits as well.

Even if it is found in a specific region of the world, its durability, strength, and other favorable properties have earned alder wood a great name in the wood furniture industry. Some people specifically import alder wood from the Pacific for their furniture.

Is alder wood good for outdoor furniture

Alder is well known for keeping its paint, glue, and nails in the right place for a long period of time. Alder furniture doesn’t allow moisture to come inside through the paint.

It is extremely shrinks-resistant, durable, and strong, making it one of the best and preferred wood when manufacturing outdoor furniture.

Is alder wood good for indoor furniture

Alder wood TV Stand

Alder is perfect for indoor furniture. It is a versatile hardwood as people can paint, stain, sand, or varnish it according to their needs and desires.

Apart from this, its beautiful dark look makes it a perfect option to be placed in a theme room or in front of a feature wall.

People have said that they have alder wood furniture that has been used at their homes or offices for years and hasn’t shown any cranking near a single nail.

Alder wood furniture pros and cons

Pros of alber wood furniture

  • Dark yet cherished look that catches eyes.
  • A lot less expensive than various popular hardwoods such as cherry and mahogany.
  • It hides satins in an efficient manner.
  • Caring and maintenance are easy as you can refinish the wood furniture with minimum effort.

Cons of alber wood furniture

  • Not durable as much as maple or oak.
  • Expensive if we compare it with other hardwoods of the same quality.
  • Moisture may affect the furniture to the core, only if the paint is not done in an appropriate manner.

How to identify alder wood furniture

  1. Wood will be of white color when it is freshly cut but will become reddish-brown in a few minutes or hours.
  2. Has straight grains pattern with attractive designs.
  3. It has a unique smell, a lot like its fruits.

How to clean alder furniture

  1. Make a mixture of mild soap, detergent, or shampoo with water.
  2. Make sure that products are composed of natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals.
  3. Blot mixture with a soft cloth and scrub the furniture with that cloth.
  4. Once the surface looks smooth and clean, take a dry soft cloth and rub the furniture again so that all watermarks can be removed completely.

Alder wood furniture FAQs

Is alder wood more expensive than oak

Oak is one of the most demanded woods in the world for manufacturing various kinds of furniture. Because of its popularity, it is relatively expensive and you may need a big amount to adorn your home with some furniture.

Alder is definitely not more expensive than oak. It is almost 10% less costly as compared to oak. That is why people prefer alder wood when it comes to getting furniture while remaining on a budget.

Is alder wood more expensive than maple

Alder wood is in the middle of hardwood prices but it is a bit more expensive than maple wood. There are many reasons behind this factor but most experts claim that the availability of maple all around the world could be one of the prominent reasons behind maple wood’s low prices.

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