IKEA Karlstad Large Corner L Shape Sofa

Corner Sofa / Sectional Sofa

Corner sofa is a sofa mostly are bigger than L shape sofa. Normally L shape sofa are either 2 seater + lounge or 3 seater + lounge. But corner sofa have longer edge and shorter edge, while sectional sofa is a sofa that allow you to arrange the sofa into different position.

IKEA Karlstad sofa

IKEA Karlstad sofa is durable and comfortable sofa. Most important, their price are much affordable compare with others model. IKEA Karlstad fabric sofa are cover removable and washable. If you have IKEA Karlstad L Shape sofa, you will be able to change the position of the lounge either on the right or on the left of the sofa depending the size of your hall to suite your need.

IKEA Karlstad corner sofa or IKEA Karlstad sectional 3+2 seater sofa was discontinued product. If you are looking for others second hand sofa JB (sofa murah JB), you may view our other sofa in our website or walk in to our store for viewing.

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