Ikea Kivik Sofa Bed

Are you upset about the more space in your house?  Do you think you are losing fun and entertaining movement with your loved ones just because of space?

You don’t’ need to worry about it. Ikea Kivik sofa bed is the ultimate solution. It can be used both as a sofa or bed as well.

Ikea Kivik Sofa with pull out bed is a dual-purpose couch to buy to save place.

Features of Ikea Kivik Sofa Bed :

A sofa bed known as a sleeping sofa can be just as fun, beautiful, and comfortable as a regular sofa. It offers unique features so that you can make the best solution for your space.

A dual-purpose design:

This sofa has a dual-purpose design, which creates extra space for you. You can exploit it as a sofa or bed; it depends on your need. When you have a small room or apartment and find it difficult to adjust the furniture, a pull-out sofa bed is an ideal choice.

Comfortable as bed:

This sofa is designed using high-quality and soft material, which makes it more comfortable than the bed. Mattress used in a sofa which makes it a pull-out sofa bed is actually comfortable. It can be used as a sleeping couch when you have a guest and no more space to adjust them at night for sleep.

Provide extra Storage:

It is one of its most impressive and valuable features of the Ikea Kivik Sofa Bed. It can be placed in the living room and used for both purposes. Moreover, to avoid sacrifice space for the living room, having a sofa bed in living rooms is a perfect sense for large families.

Easy to move:

A regular or traditional sofa is challenging to move from one place to another or one room to another. But Ikea Kivik sofa bed is very easy to move from one room to another because of its lightweight. You just need to fold it and move to the other place.

Durable Structure:

This multi-functional pull-out sofa bed has a durable structure that can last for years.  You can enjoy the comfort of this incredible sofa bed with your family or friends for many years. If you are looking for durable furniture, this sofa is a perfect choice for you.


Buying this sofa bed can maintain your budget because you can use the same furniture for two purposes: sitting and sleeping. It is available at just RM 680 lowest price.

Pros and Cons of Pull out Sofa Bed


  1. A dual-purpose design
  2. Save space when you are running short of space at home
  3. Comfortable as your bed
  4. Lasting for years
  5. Available at reasonable price


  1. Needs specific setting to place in the room
  2. Difficult to clean properly


It a multi-functional couch that can be used in homes to save space and maintain your home decor’s splendor. Although it is difficult to clean and needs a proper room setting, it is the best alternative to the traditional sofa.

IKEA Kivik Sofa is a comfort and deep wide seat with supportive back cushions. Discontinued products, Kivik Sofa Bed Ikea, is a Ikea Kivik 3 seater sofa cum bed, is a pull out bed, which allows you to turn your sofa into bed. Most popular Ikea Kivik sofa are fabric sofa, which are cover removable and washable cover.

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