Is ikea furniture good quality

IKEA has become renowned in the low-budget market thanks to offering stylish pieces of furniture that come in the cheapest price tags possible.

But, the big question now is – is IKEA furniture good quality? Do you really get what you pay for with IKEA products?

Is ikea furniture good quality

Despite its popularity, IKEA is often getting a bad rap because of some bad products among the really nice offers they have. This is why it is not a surprise that some people are wondering if IKEA furniture is a good deal or a complete waste of money.

Despite its youthful appearance, many of you surely know that IKEA isn’t really a new name in the industry at all. It was in 1943 when this company started in a tiny Swedish village named Agunnaryd. During that time, Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, was only 17 years old. The brand’s first two letters came from the initials of his name while the last two letters are from the farm Elmataryd where he grew up and his village Agunnaryd.

Originally, IKEA sold knickknacks and accessories at bargain prices. However, when the late 1940s came, they decided to sell furniture. These days, the company has become a major global brand of home furnishings and furniture that operate all over the world.

IKEA already has about 340 stores located in 28 countries that offer furniture and home furnishings for the different parts of the house all under a single roof. Recognized easily thanks to their yellow and blue logo, majority of IKEA stores are owned by the company itself although there are already franchised stores among them.

IKEA catalogs feature perennial favorites and new introductions that are keenly anticipated each year. The BusinessWeek has referred to IKEA as the quintessential cult brand and Icon, the British design magazine, even voted Ingvar Kamprad as the world’s most influential tastemaker.

Is IKEA bedroom furniture good quality?

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In general, the quality of bedroom furniture from IKEA is good enough. While there are already various recalls through the years, as long as the pieces are correctly assembled, they typically last as long as other brands of furniture that belong to a similar price range.

IKEA is among the world’s most recognized furniture brands that appeals to hip and young audience due to their affordable home furnishing and furniture choices that are particularly favored by people who are just getting started on their own.

If you are searching for heirloom bedroom furniture with high quality, you might to consider some other brands when you go shopping. However, there is no denying that IKEA furniture is definitely attractive, affordable, and offers the chance to unleash your creativity.

You can opt to purchase unfinished furniture or you can also mix and match several parts so you can come up with your very own personalized furniture. Can you assemble ikea furniture by yourself? YES! The IKEA brand is extremely popular to the extent that the whole industry has already developed around hacks and DiYs of IKEA products in the attempt of helping you can further customize your furniture pieces.

Is IKEA furniture worth it?

Is IKEA furniture worth it

It is always great to use attractive furniture that is affordable at the same time. It gives you the chance of furnishing you entire home at a comparatively cheap amount. This is why it is safe to say that IKEA furniture is definitely worth it. Aside from this, their pieces also have other exciting uses. In fact, there are many renowned designers that use IKEA pieces during interior designing.

IKEA also offers bedding, textiles, rugs, lighting, and accessories that can complement your furniture purchase. You can also choose from numerous efficient solutions for storage for your whole house.

The company also offers so much for people with smaller spaces. Most IKEA stores also have an As-is section for the bargain hunter where you can find bargain-priced pieces of furniture that already suffered different degrees of damages including bashed in and imperceptible drawers. There are also plenty of options for every room in the house. Furniture for dining room, living room, home office, and children’s rooms is also available at various quality and price points.

 IKEA’s furniture pieces are also quite easy to assemble and there are also pieces that you can require with no need to use any tool. Transport is also made easier because of efficient packaging.

 IKEA also focuses on sustainability and crafting greener products. For example, the brand has decided to ban PVC to be used in its products and lowered formaldehyde from glues and lacquers. The company also uses and looks to increase their use of sustainable and new materials.

Where is IKEA furniture made?

Despite being the biggest furniture retailer in the world, IKEA doesn’t really manufacture the products they sell. Even though majority of IKEA products are being designed in Sweden, majority of the actual manufacturing is done in China as well as in developing countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam and in the European countries like Poland and Romania.

How many countries is ikea in? So far, about 1,350 vendors in a total of 52 countries are the ones responsible for the supplies of the Swedish-style furniture of IKEA. Does ikea furniture have prop 65 warning?

How long does IKEA furniture last?

How long does IKEA furniture last

Every time you go shopping at IKEA, don’t expect that you will be finding furniture pieces that are of heirloom quality. While many of their products are indeed budget-friendly, longevity is not a very common attribute. Most of the time, quality and affordability don’t go together unless you are purchasing used pieces. IKEA is definitely not the sole brand in the world that offers cheap but lesser quality pieces of furniture.

Mainly made using particleboard, the products from IKEA usually don’t last for long years of usage. Transport and disassembly of the furniture during the move can further shorten the lifespan of the piece.

Even though IKEA also took actions in addressing environmental issues when it comes to toxicity of the furniture materials, it is a stretch to call it completely green since it lacks durability, one of the key features of green furniture. It is especially true for the cheaper pieces at IKEA.

Best IKEA furniture

Best IKEA furniture

Although there are always new additions to IKEA’s selections, there are several affordable favorites that have endured through the years.

For instance, there is the Poang armchair that features a glued and layered bentwood birch frame. The chairs are also comfortable with cushions available in leather or fabric.

The Billy bookcases are also popular and are available in different finishes and sizes. The Lack series with coffee tables and side tables that come in several finishes also retained their fame over the years. Lastly, the Beddinge Lovas sofa bed with its affordable price gives you a chance to purchase a complete bedroom for less.

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