How hard is it to assemble ikea furniture

IKEA is one of the biggest and most famous furniture brands in the world. They are providing thousands of high-quality and ready to assemble furniture items at an affordable price.

How hard is it to assemble ikea furniture? Is ikea furniture really difficult to assemble?

How hard is it to assemble ikea furniture

We are going to share some easy, quick, and time-saving IKEA furniture assembly instructions. These instructions will save you a lot of precious time and energy. 

Is IKEA furniture easy to assemble?

Yes, IKEA furniture is easy to assemble as long as you will assemble it according to the instructions given by the company. 

The problem is that a lot of people don’t bother reading the assembly instructions because they think that they do not need any instructions or guidelines. They keep on trying to assemble it the wrong way and either end up exhausting themselves or damaging the furniture. Then they start making opinions that IKEA furniture is very hard to assemble. But the reality is otherwise that they did not follow the given instructions.

What do you need to assemble IKEA furniture?

There are a few things you need for assembling IKEA second hand furniture and we have explained them all below:

1- Free Space

Always keep in mind that when you are assembling furniture, there will be a lot of hardware, tools, screws, and small nuts and bolts around you. So if you will work in a narrow space, it’ll be a miserable experience for you as you will find it difficult to work comfortably and keep an eye on all the stuff around you. Therefore, we advise you to assemble the IKEA furniture in free space because this way you will be able to work comfortably and even prevent the screws, tools, and nuts, and bolts around you from getting lost. 

2- Inventory

Take a plastic bag or a box and collect all the small parts and pieces of your new furniture inside it. This will help you keep things organized and prevent them from getting lost, thus saving you from unnecessary stress.   

3- Tools

The third and most important things you need to assemble IKEA furniture are the tools. Generally, the specific tools you will need to assemble IKEA furniture will be mentioned in its instructional manual. However, you must have a hammer, screwdriver, and Allen wrench with you because these three tools will make assembling IKEA furniture much easier for you.

4- Organize Everything

In the next step, you need to organize and layout everything. It will make things clear for you and help you work more smoothly and efficiently. So, organize everything individually and pile similar things over each other. This way you will be able to remember which item is where.

5- Instruction Manual

Read the instruction manual from top to bottom in full detail. Start assembling your furniture step by step according to the guidelines mentioned in the instruction manual. Keep following the instruction manual and you’ll be able to smoothly assemble IKEA furniture.

6- Recheck Everything

Read the instructions multiple times and thoroughly check whether if you have assembled the furniture according to the mentioned instructions or not. It will save you from the unnecessary headache of changing and redoing stuff before it’s very late.

7- Take Help

If you are having trouble understanding the instructions or assembling a certain part, you can take help from others. For example, you can ask your friends or family members who’ve similar IKEA furniture or at least have some knowledge about assembling furniture. Moreover, you can also take help from the internet. You can find tutorials on Youtube as well. 

Does IKEA furniture come with screws?

Yes, IKEA furniture comes with screws.

IKEA is among the most popular and famous furniture brands in the world and customer care is their foremost priority. IKEA Furniture comes with all the screws and tools required to assemble the furniture item. However, if you need any extra tools, then you can get the IKEA toolkit that contains all the basic tools required for assembling any IKEA furniture. 

Does IKEA Furniture come with hardware?

Yes, IKEA furniture comes with all the screws, tools, hardware, and manual required for getting the job done. All the hardware, screws, and tools come with the box that you purchased.

If you are missing out on any screw, tool, or hardware, you can get it for free/cheap from your nearest IKEA store. 

Does IKEA furniture come with instructions?

Yes, IKEA furniture comes with a detailed instructional manual. You are highly recommended to read the instruction manual before assembling the furniture because it will teach you the use of each and single part and how to assemble it.

IKEA instruction manuals have step-by-step guidelines about assembling the furniture item you just bought. If you will follow the instructions given by IKEA, you will be able to assemble the furniture easily. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the furniture if you try to assemble it against the instructions given by IKEA.  

How long does it take to assemble IKEA furniture?

Different types of IKEA furniture required different total time to assembling. 

If you are assembling just a small furniture item like a table or a chair, then it will only take a few hours to get the job done. 

However, if you are assembling a big furniture item like a bed or a giant cupboard, then it can take a day or two to get the job done. We advise you to be patient and take enough rest while assembling IKEA furniture because if you will assemble it in a frustrated or tired mood, you are more likely to make mistakes and even end up damaging the furniture 

Can you assemble IKEA furniture by yourself?

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Yes, there is no rocket science behind assembling IKEA furniture. If you know to use the basics tools, you can easily assemble them with the help of an instruction manual. Just take step-by-step guidance from the instruction manual and assemble each part accordingly. 

However, some IKEA furniture items (usually the bigger ones) are hard to assemble and require the technical experience. So if you’re unable to assemble it yourself, do not force yourself to do it because you may end up damaging the furniture. You can hire someone to assemble it for you.

Hardest IKEA furniture to assemble

Here’s a list of some hardest ikea furniture to assemble:

1- Wardrobe

IKEA wardrobes come divided into huge boxes and wooden sheets which makes it complex for an average person to assemble them. 

2- Bookcase

A lot of people struggle with assembling a bookcase because it has to be fixed on the wall.

3- TV Wall Unit

Just like the bookcase, the TV wall unit also needs to be fixed against the wall. You need a different fixing device according to the type of your walls and that makes it harder to assemble.

4- Bed Frame

IKEA bed frames are also harder to assemble as a lot of people struggle with joining the frames and putting the screws into the right place.

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Ikea furniture assembly FAQs

  1. Does ikea furniture come with tools

    Yes. You can get the basic tools such screwdriver and allen wrenches provided by IKEA. However, to make the assembly process faster, some furniture you may need your own tools such as hammer or a set of flathead.

  2. Do you need tools to assemble ikea furniture

    Yes. Most IKEA furniture you will provided you all the screws or even hexagonal bit set. IKEA also provided an in-depth assembly guide in the manual.

  3. What tools do i need to assemble ikea furniture

    The basic tools, you can get them all from the IKEA furniture box. If you want to speed up the assembly process, you can also use your own power screwdriver, hammer or drop cloth. Power drill also work fine for some IKEA furnitures.