Is chalk paint good for furniture

Chalk paint is very well-liked in Malaysia, but is chalk paint good for furniture? I have a lot of information to share with you. So read this guide till the end to get a deep insight.

Chalk paint is an adaptable furniture paint prepared by Anne Sullivan in early 1990. Without the requirement for priming or sanding, you can open the tin, dip in the brush, and paint the furniture. It works best for wood, concrete, metal, laminate, indoors, and outdoors.

Is chalk paint good for furniture

Is chalk paint waterproof when dry

Chalk paint isn’t waterproof; however, it doesn’t indicate that chalk paint can not be employed outside. Keep in mind; waterproof is not water-resistant. Something that is made waterproof can’t be easily broken by water. A water-repellent object can withstand water up to a specific spot.

Chalkboard paint is only water-resistant. This paint cannot be applied on surfaces that are regularly exposed to water. It is also resistant to precipitation. In case you have used it on a surface that is exposed to water, you need to have a lock sealer to prevent it from damage.

Does chalk paint ruin furniture

Generally, chalk paint is suitable for the furniture, but you can get away from this paint if applied on raw wood without sanding. Except for this, there will be broken edges, so you need to sand out in advance.

Does chalk paint last on furniture

Chalk paint can last longer if the correct primer and shielding top-coat is applied. And if the top covering is wax, it will require to be reapplied after every three years.  It depends on how much the quantity is used.

Pros and cons of chalk paint on furniture

After taking a brief overview, now look at the pros and cons of chalk paint on your furniture.

Pros of chalk paint furniture

1. Easy cleaning

Among all furniture, paint and chalk-style paint is very easy to clean. If you let the paint dry on the brush and then throw it on any surface, it will go down quickly.

2. Prep and primer

The other main advantage is that you don’t need a primer while painting with chalk paint, but you can’t say that. There are times when a basic primary coverage is required for any paint. So it isn’t magic—another of the times that often come here while you are painting redwood.

It takes an ideal prep by applying some sealer or primer to seal the red color so that it doesn’t bleed into the chalk paint.

Moreover, you may notice when something soaked in wood keeps growing on the surface with chalk paint.

3. Easy to blend

It’s not about combining two paint colors to generate a different color. Instead, it’s an artsy technique. Combine two or more colors to generate ombre, variations, and other designs.

Cons of chalk paint furniture

1. Brush mark

You are more probable to obtain brush marks with chalk paint, but you don’t need to. Not until you want to that look or not. As I discussed earlier, there are several ways to contest this.

2. Pricey

Chalk paint is quite expensive. It’s a store brand, and the cost imitates it. Numerous chalk-style stains are like this. But if we talk about chalk-style paint brands such as Rustoleum, they offer 10 to 12 colors, and the price is very high.

3. Hard to find

Finding this paint to buy can be difficult. As it is a boutique brand, you have to expect it to be sold near you. If not, you can search it on Google and purchase it online.

Is chalk paint good for furniture washable

To clean chalk paint furniture or surfaces, make a soft cloth slightly moistened or a clear-finish. When your furniture is clean, take a soft, dry cloth and wipe off all the wet stains. If your furniture surface looks aged after cleaning, apply chalk paste wax to restore some shine.

How to use chalk spray paint on furniture

How to Chalk Paint Furniture | Beginners Guide to Chalk Paint & Wax

Using chalk spray paint on furniture is not a challenging task, but it requires some guidance to perform it professionally. First of all, you have to gather all the necessary items that will be used in the process, including Protective Eye Wear, Drop Cloths, Mask, Gloves, and a Spray Chalk Paint.

1. Prepare the furniture

Before applying any paint on your furniture to give it a fresh look, the first step is to prepare it. But if you are satisfied with the shape of your product prior to you spray it, you don’t have to sand. For instance, if you want to paint the table, prepare it if required and then clean it before spraying the first coat of chalk paint.

2. Use the chalk spray paint

After that, make sure to spray the item in a well-ventilated place and guard the surrounding region with slump cloths. Don’t forget to wear gloves, protective goggles, and a mask to keep you from the smoke.

  1. Shake the can or spray bottle for a minute to mix the chalk paint.
  2. Hold the bottle from 10 to 12 inches from the product and apply the first coat.
  3. Sprayed the chalk paint uniformly from left to right.
  4. You don’t have to spray the paint in excessive amounts because it may start dripping.

3. Apply second coat

Allow the first coat to dry for one hour before applying the 2nd coat. Repeat the same procedure in applying the second coat. You can also use a protective topcoat.

Chalk paint furniture FAQs

Is chalk paint good for outdoor furniture?

Yes, chalk paint is good for outdoor furniture. Outdoor chalk paint is water repellent, and various brands have additions that fight mold growth and defoliation; this is especially imperative if you are a residence of a humid place.

Due to its potential, you can apply it to anything from sheds and plant pots to plastic garden furniture and back doors. Chalk paint can easily stick to any surface, and you don’t have to apply a primer beforehand. Before you begin painting, be sure the surface is dry, clean, and smooth.

Is chalk paint good for bedroom furniture?

This paint can be applied to bedroom furniture and even on walls. It provides a matte look and wonderful texture, then you use the wax or leave it. The bedroom walls seem great with a soft and matte finish.

Is chalk paint good for wood furniture?

Chalk paint can be used on wood furniture. It is very resilient when alleviated and when you put in water-based polyurethane shielding finish or wax. But no one is comparable to others, and it depends on your personal choice. Chalk paint provides you numerous decorative alternatives.

In addition, you can turn into a furniture designer if you can mix and change colors, employ colored or clear wax to generate many dissimilar decorative finishes, and make vintage or modern pieces.

Is chalk paint good for laminate furniture?

It is a perfect option to point laminate furniture pieces like cabinets as it conceals the brush caress. If you’re employing chalk paint in a job, you can’t miss it too much. It makes many painters happy as no matters whether you are a beginner or pro artist, it will not affect the result of your project.

One more thing always uses a brush, not a roller. In some instances, people entice to make use of a roller to coat more area in fewer time but don’t. Utilize a spiked brush for desired outcomes.

In the case of chalk paint and laminate furniture, you will obtain better and more coverage by using a brush. How to tell if furniture is laminate or veneer?

Is chalk paint good for old furniture?

The paint is most commonly used to revitalize old furniture or new pieces. However, the most amazing thing regarding chalk paint is that it requires no big learning curve or too much preparation.

An enhancing paint recognized for its matte and chalky shape. So chalk paint is a trendy option for furniture and home furnishings in a vintage, rustic, or crappy style. As it can be provided with an annoying shape, chalk paint is perfect for those who would like to put in vintage charm and character to their home.

Is chalk paint good for kitchen chairs?

Yes, chalk paints are best to paint the kitchen furniture, including chairs, kitchen cabinets, kitchen walls, etc. In addition, this paint is used to paint the fabric as well.

Is chalk paint better than latex for furniture?

Chalk paint is as durable as latex paint. Both are water-based; therefore, they react almost identically to water stains, nicks, and spills. However, as I discussed above, the finish coat is applied to protect your furniture.

After applying the chalk paint, you have to finish using wax, which is very easy to apply and shield your piece. If not, you can use the latex for a clear finish. The wax finish can be a bit pricier than a clean latex coat, but it’s long-lasting.


So this was all about the chalk paint furniture. It has many benefits, such as it is easy to clean, no need to prepare the surface before applying the paint, and much more. So you can go for it, but it’s a little pricey.