Is beeswax good for furniture

Our home requires regular maintenance, particularly regarding furnishing elements, such as wooden furniture. Numerous treatments are used to maintain the exterior of wooden furniture. But is beeswax good for furniture? Let’s dive into the concept to get in-depth knowledge.

Is beeswax good for wood furniture

Beeswax is a furniture polish, a natural, secure, and effective approach to give a new look to your furniture. It can be used to clean up damaged pieces, apply on polish finished furniture, or stand alone on unfinished or finished wood. This wax is also ideal for cutting boards!

Is beeswax good for furniture

For instance, when you shift into a new home, the previous house owners left a high-quality, large bureau there. You can clean it, apply the beeswax, and bring it a new look.

Is beeswax good for outdoor furniture

Using wax is absolutely a great alternative for your outdoor furniture; however, it’s not the single one. Beeswax isn’t a thick creation, contrasting a varnish designed to put off scratches and stains on furniture surfaces. But, this can prevent your furniture from being damaged if liquid falls, retaining water rings, and guard the furniture weathering grey.

Beeswax is not only an accepted treatment for inside furniture, but it also works great on outdoor furniture, including benches and picnic tables.  In addition, maintaining your outdoor furniture well will last for years.

Is beeswax good for leather furniture

A lot of people use wax to water-proof their leather products. It can be the best choice for leather work shoes, but it is not suggested to apply it on leather furniture because it can make your leather furniture hard and sticky on touch.

However, you can clean your leather sofa or any other furniture product using leather dew or saddle soap. Moreover, you can take a slightly wet cloth, apply a small quantity of gentle soap and give your leather furniture a quick clean.

Is beeswax good for oak furniture

Oak furniture lure is in its individual temperament – even its natural flaws. When you bought new furniture, it’s beneficial to treat it with beeswax or oil at intervals of three months.

Before applying the beeswax polish on your oak furniture, it must clean your wood with wood reviver or any other cleaner. Then, they put the wax on a cloth and rub it on the product surface. Leave it for 4 to 5 minutes and then wipe off. It will give your oakwood tv stand and oakwood dining table a stunning look.

Is beeswax good for antique furniture

Wax is considered the greatest polish to apply to antique furniture. Wax such as carnauba wax or beeswax improves each wooden item’s depth and provides long-lasting safety against normal wear and tear.

It can be used by taking out a small quantity on a clean cloth and applying it to the furniture in small circles. Perform this for 3 to 4 minutes. After that, you notice a clear difference.

Is beeswax good for teak furniture

Teak wood doesn’t need any additional treatments or finishes to last for years. Teak furniture starts with a temperate, golden color, which ultimately turns into a silver-gray patina because it is left outside over time. However, it doesn’t matter how old teak furniture is. It can be turned back to its natural color by applying beeswax furniture polish.

Therefore, to maintain the luster of the ultimate finish, you can coat the teak furniture with natural beeswax above the final coat of shellac.

If you want to learn how to identify teak wood furniture, please refer to our previous guide for more info.

Is beeswax good for pine furniture

When it comes to pine furniture, the stripped pine wood doesn’t get a wax finish well, which is dependable for soft natural shape furniture.

So for preparing and applying wax, there is no hidden formula. You can use beeswax, paraffin, and for your pine furniture. These waxes can be applied as a mixture or alone, with a solvent including linseed oil or turpentine.

The beeswax can be used cold or hot. Several professional finishers make use of a blowtorch and cake wax functioning the liquefy wax on the wood surface with a cloth or stiff scrubbing brush.

Is beeswax good for restoring furniture?

As I discussed earlier, beeswax is a type of natural wax used to guard bare wood surfaces. It sticks down and protects the wood surfaces providing a durable, long-lasting, and natural shine.

It serves as a shielding covering on the surface, attracting the furniture’s luster and helping it seem better for longer.

Beeswax is 100% natural, non-harmful preservative, eco-friendly, clear, and non-scented polish wax. It can be used to restore any type of wood, such as finished or unfinished, soft or hardwood. In short, you can choose it for every furniture type which you want to polish.

Moreover, an exceptional beeswax polish can be applied on cutting boards, kitchen cabinets, furniture, wooden toys, wooden accessories, wood paneling, butcher block countertops, wooden bowls, and many others.

Pros and cons of beeswax on furniture

Wax has many benefits, and some of them are mentioned below:

Pros of beeswax on furniture

1. Easy to apply

Beeswax is quite easy to apply on wood or any other furniture with a simple cloth.

2. Coating screws and nails

It helps to cover screws and nails easily as they don’t break the furniture wood while hammering.

3. Water-resistant

This polish wax is moderately water repellant which means that you have extra time to fresh the spills.

4. Wood lubricant

Beeswax can be applied on windows or sliding doors that are otherwise sticky; wax coating makes their movement very downy.

5. Rust prevention

It is also very helpful to prevent rust on tools, including cast iron pieces, hand tools, and shovels.

Cons of beeswax on furniture

1. Care

Beeswax needs to be applied repeatedly to maintain vision and safety.

2. Heat

In warm weather, it damages the furniture by leaving white circles on it

How to use beeswax on furniture

You can use beeswax on your furniture with three easy steps.

Total Time: 3 hours and 45 minutes

1. Clean the furniture

If you are really refinishing furniture with beeswax, you may have to do detailed cleaning before polishing. So you have a great option.

If you are eradicating paint or numerous constructions, you can choose any natural paint remover. For instance, if you select lemon-based cleaner, when you apply it on wood, it will assist you in removing the old paint turn it into natural wood. To peel off all the paint, you have to apply it several times.

2. Dry the furniture

After cleaning the removing the paint, let the wood dry entirely for 2 to 3 hours. The dry surface is helpful to stick the beeswax on the furniture properly.

3. Apply Beeswax Polish

Now your furniture is ready to apply wax on it. Use a dry, clean cloth, apply a small polish, and then rub on the wood surface in a circular motion. Make sure you have covered the entire surface.

How to make beeswax furniture polish

Although there are different ways and proportions to prepare beeswax furniture polish, but I have limited it to 2 ingredients:

  1. Take a ¼ cup of beeswax- gets it from an online or local beekeeper.  You can choose yellow or clear, but yellow will give your wood a little color, which can be amazing if you use it to an imperfect surface and want to add a bit of shine. Moreover, you must need a little quantity to make 1/4 cup. So, first of all, add 1/4 of the water in a bowl to estimate how much you would have to vigor once it melted, then gradually added water and added a little wax at the same time as it melted to get the required quantity.
  2. After that, take ¾ Cup of mineral oil – you can choose the food-grade mineral oil so that the beeswax polish can be used on different surfaces, such as the dining table. Moreover, beeswax furniture polish can be prepared with olive oil; however, mineral oil is economical by weight.
  3. You can put in lemons or other aromas to furniture polish, but it’s optional. And it is suggested that the delicate and natural fragrance that the wax provides is best. So keep it simple!
  4. To prepare the polish wax, just melt your wax in a dual boiler or clay bowl over a pot with water. Next, include mineral oil and stir smoothly until it collects. When it melts and unites, transfer the boiling liquid into a box or container, it will be helpful to access the polish easily.
  5. Leave the beeswax polish in a breezy place and let it cool for 2-3 hours. This will remove the constancy of the malleable lip balm.


So this was all about the beeswax furniture polish. It is easily available in Malaysia and is best for wood, teak, antique, and oak furniture. You can easily apply it by using the above-mentioned method; you will get the best results. I hope this piece of information will prove very beneficial for you.