Convertible furniture for small spaces

Malaysia is a densely populated country and a lot of people live in small apartments. With small apartments comes the problem of space. Most of the people do not even have a few yards of free space in their houses or apartments. Due to this, they are unable to spend a comfortable and peaceful time in their apartment because everything is just messed up and they see no way to fix it. 

So what is the solution? How do you free up some space in your house or apartment? Is it even possible or you will just have to live in that narrow space? Well, we have been asked these questions from people across Malaysia and we are here with a solution for you in this article. 

Convertible furniture for small spaces

If you just take a look around yourself, you will observe that most of the space in your house or apartment is occupied by big and bulky furniture items. You can clear up an exponential amount of space by getting rid of those big furniture items and using space-saving furniture. There is a wide range of convertible furniture for small spaces in the market that occupy less space and is much more efficient. If you are also facing a similar problem, then here is a list of some of the best space-saving furniture items you must have: 

1. Nightstand Attached to Wall

Clean up space in your home by using this nightstand attached to the wall. It takes zero space and is as effective as any other nightstand. You can place anything you want over it and the plus point is that it gives you an additional storage space beneath it where you can store your shoes or books. Overall, it is easy to manage and easy to clean, and the best choice if you are looking to free up some space.

2. Multi-Purpose Table

You can use this table for different purposes. Not only it can be used as a normal table for dinner, breakfast, or tea, but it can also be used as storage for different of your items. Moreover, you don’t have to flip it up and down or deal with secret nuts and bolts to fold it. All you have to do is simply slide it and it will do the job for you. You can place it anywhere you want and enjoy the free space it will save for you.

3. Table & Chair with Storage 

This table & chair set got a mind-blowing design. It can be normally used for general purposes like study, dinner, breakfast, and tea. However, under the table and the chair, there are spacious compartments where you can store different items like shoes, books, and other small household items. The table & chair with storage can save space in your bedroom, living room and even your dining room.

4. Gym Cupboard

If you want to have some workout equipment at your home but the lack of space is restricting you from doing so then don’t let the lack of space compromise your health and fitness. Instead, bring this gym cupboard to your home. You can use it just like any other cupboard and store plenty of stuff inside as it is very spacious. The special thing is that you can also exercise your body with this cupboard as it has special spots for working out your body with different exercises. In simple words, it is a combo of gym and cupboard.

5. Convertible Work Station

If you have always dreamed of a personal office in your house but space was a problem then buckle up because, with this convertible workstation, you can literally have your own office even in your small apartment. It looks like an elegant cupboard that you can transform into a whole new work station with a few adjustments. There are a lot of compartments inside it where you can store all of your work equipment and gears. Once you are finished working, you can convert it back into a cupboard and free up all that space again. 

6. Joint Kitchen & Bathroom

If you have extremely limited space in your house then you can integrate your kitchen and bathroom into one. It has been designed in this way that the exterior wall of the bathroom got a kitchen attached to it. It includes a kitchen sink, lights, cabinets, drawers, a towel holder, and much more. It is the perfect solution for people having space problems.

7. Moveable Bar

Want to have your own bar but worried about the space? Well, not anymore because this portable bar gives you all the utilities of a bar. You can easily move it and place it anywhere you want. Once you are done, you can convert it back into a small drawer like shape again.

8. Sofa Bed

The sofa bed is one of the widely used space-saving furniture items in Malaysia. It is very comfortable and can be used for general purposes. Moreover, there is an additional bed beneath the sofa that you can easily pullout whenever you want to use it. It is a great choice for people living in small spaces. 

9. Integrated Mirror & Ironing Board

Say goodbye to your bulky ironing board because you can free up a lot of space with this integrated mirror and ironing board. From the outside, it looks like a sleek and timeless mirror while if you open it, you will find a nice smooth ironing board where you can easily iron your clothes.

10. Shoe Storing Bench

A lot of people living in small apartments face a common problem that they do not have space for a rack that can store all of their shoes. Due to this, it is a very miserable and uncomfortable experience for them to store their shoes somewhere and then access them while going out. This shoe storing bench is a great relief for you as it features two racks under it where you can store the shoes of your whole family. Moreover, the bench got a comfortable seat where you can sit and comfortable wear your shoes or you can even use the bench for general sitting purposes. 

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