Do i really need a coffee table

Coffee tables are a part of every discussion regarding house decoration these days. You will hear different opinions about coffee tables on whether if you should have them in your house or not. So what do you think? Is a coffee table necessary? We have been asked this question by a lot of people from across the globe so we decided to post this article for you and clear up everything.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about coffee tables and if you should keep them in your house or not. Let’s gear up and start our journey in this article.

Do i really need a coffee table

Should I Have a Coffee Table at Home?

If you are looking for a quick answer then it is yes. You should have a coffee table at home. The reason is that coffee tables are trending these days and add a lot to the style and beauty of the interior of your house.

However, the real answer to this question depends upon how much space you have in your home. 

If you are living in a spacious house then having a coffee table will make the entire space look more attractive and elegant. 

But if you are living in a small house then you may face more drawbacks of having a coffee table rather than the advantages. For example, you may face difficulty in extending your legs or walking between the spaces as there’s already less area and most of it would be occupied by the coffee table. 

The bottom line is that you can make your home look good with and without a coffee table. We’ll take a look at both perspectives.

Reasons Why You Need a Coffee Table

Reasons Why You Need a Coffee Table

Here all the reasons why you need a coffee table in your house and how it can enhance the beauty of your house:

1. It Completes the Look of your Room

One of the main benefits of having a coffee table is that it completes the look of your room. Mostly we have sofas and chairs in a room with a coffee table in the middle. If there is no coffee table in the middle then the entire space would look quite odd and incomplete. That’s the way how our brain perceives things. 

Especially if your room is big then not having a coffee table in the middle will leave a big chunk of the space empty. Your mind will always feel like something is missing in the room. 

When you will have a coffee table in the room then it will connect everything. Your room will look perfect and complete. It will give you feelings of satisfaction that now your room looks awesome.

2. They’re Very Useful

The second reason why you need a coffee table is that they are very useful and fulfill your needs. Let’s suppose it’s the weekend and your friends are coming to your place to have some drinks, coffee, and watch a movie together. You will want them to stay relaxed and comfortable in the room and enjoy the time.

But you won’t be able to do that without having a coffee table. Where will your guests put their drinks if there is no coffee table in the room? Where will they place the other stuff like their keys, wallet, mobile phone, and even food? It will make them uncomfortable.

If you will have a coffee table in the room then you will be able to use it for multipurpose and place different things over it like coffee, drinks, food, wallet, mobile phones, and keys, etc. It will transform your room into a sitting area where you can chill out comfortably and have quality time.

3. They Increase the Beauty of Your Room

The third benefit of having a coffee table is that it will increase the beauty of your room and make it look more attractive like never before. The reason is that you can get different stylish coffee tables from the market that perfectly suit your room. 

Furthermore, you can also decorate the coffee table by placing flowers, vases, ornaments, and other unique decorative items. All of this will make your room bright up and give it a pleasant & attractive outlook.

What If I Don’t Have Space for a Coffee Table?

As we were discussing above that having a coffee table is quite good and useful if you have enough space for it. However, many people live in very small houses and don’t really have any extra space for a coffee table.

If you are also among them then don’t worry because you can still decorate your home and make it look good without a coffee table.

Decorating Your Room without Coffee Table

Here are the ideas that you can follow to decorate your home without a coffee table:

1. Use Nesting Tables

If you don’t have space for a big coffee table then you can use nesting tables instead. The good thing about nesting tables is that they take less space as you can easily stack them over each other.

This way you will be able to save some space, use the nesting table to fulfill your needs, and also decorate your room at the same time. Therefore, it’s a great single solution to many of your problems.

2. Use Tufted Ottomans

Using tufted ottomans could be a great substitute for coffee tables. You can not only use the tufted ottomans as sitting space but also use them to rest your feet while sitting on the sofa. Tufted ottomans are available in different styles and designs. Therefore, you can choose your favorite one that looks perfect in your room.

3. Use Narrow Benches

Narrow benches are also becoming a popular trend and are widely used by people living in small spaces. They are narrow yet long in size. You can place them between the sofas and put multiple items over them. You will still have a lot of free space to move around on both sides thanks to the stiff shape of benches.

4. Use Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables are another efficient solution for people living in small spaces. They take very little space and allow you to place multiple items over them. You can also use them instead of the coffee tables and save some space.

5. Use Garden Stools

Garden stools are also a great alternative to coffee tables. They are very small in size and easy to move around. You can put them between the sofas whenever you need them and then remove them when there’s no need. Garden stools will save you a good amount of space and also help you place different items over them.

6. Use Rugs & Pillows

You can also put some attractive rugs in the space and then throw some beautiful pillows over them. 

Final Opinion

Do I need a coffee table or not?

Well, if you have enough space then we recommend you must have a coffee table. The reason is that it offers you plenty of benefits. You can use it to fill up space in your room, decorate it, and place multiple items over it like coffee and drinks, etc.

On the other hand, if you running low on space then you can try out the alternative methods we have explained above to decorate your room like using a narrow bench, tufted ottomans, nesting tables, and garden stools, etc.