How to become a furniture designer

A furniture designer is a professional artist who creates furnishings that everyone can use and enjoy. If you ever saw a table or chair and thought of changing its design a bit, or if you are interested on architecture, learning how to become a furniture designer is the first step you can take.  

How to become a designer for furniture

There are several important things you should do so you can get started on becoming a furniture designer. First is to decide that you really want this career and unleash your creative side. After all, becoming a furniture designer requires you to have the zeal and passion to become one. You should also be creative enough because you will never succeed in this field if you lack creativity.

How to become a furniture designer

Once you have determined that this is really the path you want to take, it is time for you to get the proper education. Joining furniture design programs will teach you the basics that beginners like you should know. But the most important thing here is that it gives you a good introduction to the industry.

There are several options for you to undertake the job internship training. There are schools that offer this program although it will be better if you can attend those offered by furniture design companies. Make sure that you take courses that employers expect from their workers especially those courses that will help you hone your skills.

Good examples of these courses include drawing, 3D study, spatial design, and computer-assisted drawing, which is the most important skill if you want to be more relevant in the current designing market. 

If your goal is to be self-employed, you might want to undertake training courses in upholstery and carpentering. Other training courses include history of furniture, furniture, and furniture trends and technology.  

How many years to become a furniture designer

How many years to become a furniture designer

It may take you 2 to 4 years to become a furniture designer. However, this duration can vary so again, it is best to begin with the basics.

Most aspirants start as apprentices to learn the basics. Once you are done with the basic training, it would be best to attend a degree program in a university or college.

The specific number of months or years you spend for your educational training will vary. But, one thing is for sure. In the next four years or so, you can officially become a licensed and certified furniture designer. The training won’t take long but all the essential courses must be covered.

What does a furniture designer do?

What does a furniture designer do

The main job of a furniture designer is to create furniture pieces for clients. They use various tools for the job that is carried out manually with the help of software and computer.

A furniture designer can create all kinds of objects from the simplest and most basic stools to the most complex furniture constructions.

Some of the jobs they take on include:

  • Painting
  • Fixing materials
  • Fitting
  • Staining and polishing pieces

Furniture designers can either work as independent contractors or engage in commercial designing. There are also furniture designers working for furniture manufacturers and small and big companies. 

The main duties and functions of furniture designers include the following:

  • Work out ideas with clients or manufacturers
  • Work out costs of their services with clients
  • Create furniture designs
  • Choose materials like wood, metal, textiles, or plastic that will be used for design work
  • Use different raw materials and tools for construction process
  • Attend design trainings

How to become a furniture designer without a degree

How to become a furniture designer without a degree

If you want to know how to become a furniture designer without a degree, it is a must that you have certain skills such as:

  • A creative bent of mind
  • Ample understanding of spaces, shapes, and light
  • How to combine colors
  • In-depth knowledge of psychology of colors
  • Knowledge on sketching a blueprint

Furniture designer education requirements

Furniture designer education requirements

Aside from the training alone, there are several education requirements for you to become a professional furniture designer. This education can help you gain more knowledge about your craft.

Educational training for furniture designers must include every aspect of this field including:

  • Ergonomic
  • Aesthetics
  • Mechanics and engineering techniques
  • Computer-assisted rafting
  • Basic business practices
  • Marketing

Since these are wide ranges of skills, it is highly recommended that you acquire them at a degree level. It means that you need to pursue a bachelor’s degree program if you want to become a furniture designer.

There are several degree programs related to furniture design including a degree in fine arts, engineering design, industrial designs, a degree in architecture, graphics, and others.

This educational career may vary and largely depends on the specific college or university you are attending.

But, what really matters here is for you to enroll in degree program that can cover every single aspect of furniture design. 

Colleges or universities that offer this kind of degree programs offer courses that can help students gain all the necessary knowledge and skills.

This is the reason why it is very common to see degree program courses that cover several  important areas such as:

  • Furniture production and manufacture method
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting or CADD
  • History of furniture
  • Furniture materials and processing
  • Furniture trends
  • Interior decoration
  • Manual sketching

Different educational paths are made available for all aspiring furniture designers to help them reach their goals.

If your dream is to be part of big furniture companies, it is always a nice idea to attend a degree program. Doing so will help increase your chances of getting employed in this big companies. 

The years of study are almost the same with other design programs like interior design, product design, and architecture. Since these are related programs, taking common courses is very much possible.

A degree program is highly recommended because this will prepare you well and at the same time, you can also gain some technical background required in various aspects decoration, metalworking, woodworking, studio, interior designing, and others.

Furniture designer skills

Furniture designer skills

Obviously, creativity is the number one skill you need to become a furniture designer. Aside from this, you must also be able to sketch and communicate well. You also need to be familiar with pattern development and isometric drawings.

Furniture designing also involves space plans and making furniture. It is also very important that you can carry out complex designs and solve complicated and difficult furniture design problems. A furniture designer must also be skillful in data dimension, plot and electrical drawings. Finally, you also need to be an expert in product assembly and disassembly.