How to lighten a room with dark furniture

Do you have a small room with the furniture in bright colors? Well, the darker tones make the appearance of a room filled in and overcrowded that’s because it gives a heavy sight ofglamour to a room. 

Dark furniture makes the look of a room less noticeable but it is not as creepy because there are many ways that can be adopted to make your room visually larger.

How to lighten a room with dark furniture

This article seeks to give you valuable insights into a number of ways which can help you to make a room bright up and furnish with dark furniture. Decorate your smaller living space and still make an impact without having to have grand ceilings and square footage.

Pup up the lights as commonly available technique

Pup up the lights as commonly available technique

Not every house is blessed with the natural light. Fortunately there are a number of tricks to apply for eliminating the darkness in your small space room. Using optical illusions is an out of sight trick to achieve an end. If you have dark color furniture in a room go for a light color to paint on walls as it reflects the larger space in a room.

Light painted walls specifically the white color tends to reflect the most light because other colors possess the ability to absorb at least some part of the spectrum.

Cooler wall paints with lighter hues make the appearance of a room light and spacious. On the other hand cloud white color allows the shutters to just sort of blend into the walls. You can also bring in a lamp or a floor lamp to brighten up a small space.

Alter the arrangement of your furniture

Get help with clever furniture placement and make the most of the space that you have. Often, people make common mistakes when arranging the furniture. Whether traditional or modern, the positioning of the furniture makes a great focal point hence place the furniture wisely.

The idea of lightweight furniture in your small space room is the key to give it a little fresher look. Make sure you leave enough space between pieces. Set down ottoman to serve instead of a coffee table with two tiny sofas facing each other.

You can also place a comfy white sectional sofa and a simple coffee table. They can be done with minimum expense so there is no need to undergo renovations for applying these.  You should not be buying big heavy clunky furniture.

Remove thick curtains and heavy fabric

Take away the things that are dark and heavy to make your room space look less heavy and appear smaller. Heavy curtains have a tendency to absorb light and weigh the room down. For the best results, favor the light weight material and fabric.

For the idea of designing opt for thin strips instead of thick strips. Moreover, if you have a tiny window syndrome, hang the curtains higher than the windows as it will give you the illusion that the window goes up pretty high close to your ceiling. It is a simple way to make your windows feel way bigger than they actually are.

It also draws the eye upward along the full length of the curtains, setting up an illusion of height. The set of curtains that are lighter in color than that of the walls makes the space look larger and amazing.

Don’t fill every wall

Avoid covering your walls with the dark hanging, paintings or posters because they absorb the sunlight flowing into your room rather than reflect it. You should put a balance when it comes to decorating walls in a room because filling every space will make your room look untidy.

For hanging on walls opt for the kind of furniture that you can find at readily available places relatively affordable which gives a feeling of elegance such as picture frames, personalized map, hang mirrors or bring in the plants.

Put in essence

Put in essence

Rolling out a rug or embracing greenery are interesting ways to put on the texture to make your small room look elegant. For example if you have a dark color sofa then adding natural textures is a secret to tone down the masculine and harsh feel of leather that will soften the feel and look of the leather sofa.

On the other hand rugs are a great way to add color and warmth in a room. Bring in side tables as they look great but they also serve as a place to add more accents and to place drinks or snacks for yourself and guests as well.

Create illusion through mirrors

Mirrors and mirrored furniture help reflect light and make your room feel bright and give the illusion of a bigger space. Such pieces of mirrors when placed directly opposite to windows, they reflect the maximum natural light. However this trick also works if placed away from windows.

Avoid covering entire windows

Avoid covering entire windows

If you have beautifully handcrafted windows try to avoid completely covering them up with curtains and blinds. It is best to allow in as much natural lighting as possible because the natural light makes a small space room look more lavish.

Key takeaways

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid. Don’t block natural light from entering a room as it is healthier and calmer; moreover it possesses the ability to alter the shape and size of your room. Dodge dark colored walls, they go out of style more quickly than lighter colors. Don’t over decorate the walls and cover up every corner.

Choose wallpapers wisely to add a new dimension to your room. Don’t overlook lighting because it makes a key difference in your health as well as mood. Avoid crowding surfaces.

Stop incorporating overwhelming patterns. Cut out hanging curtains that are heavy. Opt for creative furniture ideas to make the room look bigger. The furniture does not have to be new. Used furniture also can do the trick really well. If you want to have a look on our second hand furniture collection, please feel free to whatsapp us.

It’s not about how big your room is because even the biggest of spaces can leave us underwhelmed with their design. Ultimately it’s all about the thought you put into the furniture placements, the color palette and the accents that you end up with for a ‘WOW’ factor. It’s all about tricking the eye and making it seem like there is more space than there actually is.