How to remove rust from metal furniture

You can easily spruce up your garden with the addition of metal furniture. Many homeowners choose to decorate their green space with wrought iron tables and chairs. But, while metal furniture pieces are durable and beautiful, removing rust from outdoor metal furniture will be necessary after some time if you want it to look its best.

The unpredictable weather is one of the major enemies of metal furniture in gardens. Rain and air humidity create the ideal condition for rust formation. It can have a severe effect on both the appearance and durability of your outdoor furniture.

How to remove rust from metal furniture

This is why it is important to know how to remove rust from metal furniture and prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

Ways to remove rust stains

There are times when a rust stain is that thing you see on outdoor furniture. So far, removing rust stains is easier compared to heavy rust and a simple scrub is sometimes all it takes to solve the problem. But, you can use some household products to make it much easier to get rid of surface rust.

Cleaning Spray

This method can work on lighter stains where only a spray detergent is needed.

  1. Spray the detergent evenly on the affected areas.
  2. Use a sponge or clean cloth to scrub off the stains.
  3. Repeat the process if some rust remains visible.
  4. Use a dry cloth to thoroughly wipe your furniture. Ensure that you get rid of all moisture on the surface to ensure that the rust doesn’t return.

Baking Soda

This all-around excellent cleaning agent might already be in your cabinet. This can work wonders for cleaning stovetops, ovens, and the kitchen. It is also not a big surprise that you can use it for removing rust from outdoor metal furniture.

  1. Mix water and baking soda to for a thick paste. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in place of water for more stubborn rust stains.
  2. Use a clean cloth to apply and spread mixture evenly on the affected parts.
  3. Allow the paste to sit on the surface for one hour.
  4. Use a sponge or cloth to scrub the area until the stains are removed.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is similar to baking soda as you can use to clean almost anything in the house from your windows to washing machines. It is also effective and easy to remove rust using vinegar.

  1. Add a pinch of salt to one cup white vinegar then stir properly.
  2. Apply this mixture to all rusted parts. You can transfer the solution to a spray bottle then spray this directly on the surface for easier application.
  3. Allow the mixture to sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Wipe away the rust stains with clean cloth. Something abrasive like a scouring pad or rough sponge can be used on more stubborn stains.
  5. Continue to spray and scrub until you remove all rust stains.
  6. Dry the surface properly to get rid of any moisture left behind.


Yes, your favorite drink can be more effective for removing rust from outdoor metal furniture.

  1. Apply cola on all rusted areas.
  2. Scrub off the rust stains with a cloth, scouring pad, or abrasive sponge, depending on how heavy the stains are.
  3. Continue to wipe the rust away until you remove it completely.
  4. Use a dry and clean cloth to dry the surface.

Lemon and Salt

You can use either lime or lemon for this method as both are effective just the same. The salt serves as the abrasive and the acidic lemon juice eats the rust away.

  1. Squeeze a lime or lemon then add lots of salt to the juice.
  2. Spread this mixture evenly on the area affected with a cloth.
  3. Allow the solution to do wonders for several hours.
  4. Scrub the rust away using a cloth or an abrasive sponge.
  5. Wipe off any moisture on the surface using a dry cloth.

Aluminum Foil

It is a method that is effective for rust removal on stainless and chrome steel. This might require more effort but this can solve the issue.

  1. Crumple up an aluminum foil in your hand.
  2. You can use the aluminum foil alone but if you like to boost its power to remove rust, you can dip it in some white vinegar, color, or salt and water mixture.
  3. Use the foil to wipe on the rusted area with a clean cloth to occasionally remove rust flakes.
  4. Continue to scrub until you remove all the rust.
  5. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any moisture on the surface.

Removing heavy rust from metal

How to remove rust from metal

If you are dealing with something more serious than stains, with the rust penetrating deeper into your outdoor metal furniture, there might be a need for you to use heavy duty methods for rust removal. You can do it manually by grinding and sanding or you can also opt for commercial chemicals.

There are several things to remember if you want to use chemicals to remove rust.

  1. Follow the exact instructions on the product label.
  2. Wear protective gear like a face mask and gloves.
  3. Use gel products when you deal with rust on bigger objects that you cannot soak in liquid solutions.

Tips for rust prevention

Naturally, preventing rust from appearing from the start will always be the best way to deal with this problem. Taking proper care of your outdoor metal furniture will help you slow down or even stop the rusting process. Here are a few things you can do to prevent rusting:

  • Always keep your outdoor furniture protected from the weather. It is a must especially in moist winter months. Use protective coverings or keep your garden furniture pieces in a safe and sheltered area.
  • Keep the pieces in great shape. Cleaning, moisture removal, touchups of scratches, and regular maintain canal help prevent rust formation on metal.
  • A coat of oil and wax can keep your metal furniture protected from moisture.
  • Use water resistant and high quality paint for added layer of protection.

If you want your outdoor metal used furniture in tiptop shape, you are probably thinking of other garden accessories you have. While it can be a bit time-consuming to maintain a fresh, clean, and beautiful yard, you can be sure that removing rust from outdoor metal furniture will be worth all your effort. Be sure to take note of these tips so that you can enjoy your precious garden accessories for a long time.