How to secure furniture to wall without holes

There are some challenges involved when trying to figure out an effective and safe way on how to secure furniture to wall without holes. The good news is that there are different tools and techniques for keeping your furniture pieces in place without causing damages or leaving holes to your wall. Whether you don’t want to risking damaging your property or your lease forbids you from using screws in the walls, here some helpful tips keep your furniture pieces secure without compromising aesthetics.

Secure your furniture without screws

There are times when you cannot put screws in a wall for securing furniture using L-hooks or brackets but you want to make sure that your furniture is safe and secure. The good news is that you can use some special anti-tip kits that won’t require you to make any hole in the wall.

How to secure furniture to wall without holes

Most kits sold offline and online come with brackets that are threaded with steel cables, plastic ties, or Velcro straps for keeping the furniture near the wall as much as possible. If using screws is out of the question, other methods for securing furniture involve the use of drywall posts, pins, or dowels. But, all of these still require you to make significant holes in the wall.

In case an accident or natural disaster occur, you need to take the necessary preventative measures for reducing the chances of a bookshelf or bureau toppling over and causing injuries. In case you are not a big fan of using those store-bought kits, you can try to attach the brackets using an adhesive and secure your furniture with a home-fashioned implement. It doesn’t matter what your chosen method might be because what is important here is for you to do your homework to know what will work best for you. If possible, you might also want to seek the help of a licensed professional for advice or installation if unsure.

Securing your furniture pieces to the wall will avoid any tragedy that can involve kids, elderly, and pets because of unstable or shaky furniture. It will also help lengthen the lifespan of your furniture since it doesn’t constantly tip over and endure frequent falls.

Use glue as an alternative

Glue is the first option you can try if you are looking for ways on how to secure furniture to wall without holes for holding down hook or brackets, screws or studs, glue is something worthy to try. When using glue, first, make sure that the surface of the wall is clean and anything that you want to mount has been positioned properly to ensure that it is level. You might also want to use a pencil for making light marks on the wall after you take the necessary measurements. Proceed to applying urethane glue in a moderate line to the back part of the bracket or hook that will be attached to wall. Wait for 24 hours or even longer for it to completely dry off and set.

Next, thread the tether system that connects the furniture piece you need near the wall to the pieces you mounted earlier. You can accomplish this with the use of cables, Velcro straps, steel, or plastic ties. It is important to remember that you might need to glue or drill hardware at the back of your furniture. Keep in mind that this particular method might not be enough to hold your furniture to the wall in case of a natural disaster, jostling, or if your furniture is relatively heavy. Conduct a test using glue to check if tether system and mounts are stable enough. You might also need to use caulk for reinforcing the connecting around the edges of the bracket or hook attached to the wall.

Take advantage of QDOS furniture anti-tip kit

A curious kid or pet can suffer from injuries if a shelf, TV, or dresser is not properly and securely attached to the wall. Thankfully, QDOS has come up with a patent-pending anti-tip system for reducing accidents. All you have to do is attach a bracket to a wall using adhesive and affix their furniture using tethers for securing the fixtures. Screws are also provided if you want to secure the provided brackets to studs in the wall. These will create a hole that is not tinier than picture hooks.

It is claimed that the QDOS kit supports as much as 200 pounds. Also, if you want to move, clean, or rearrange furniture, all you have to do is tighten or loosen the straps whenever necessary. This anti-tip kit comes with two patented hooks for attaching the mount to studs in the wall with no need to use screws or drill a hole. You can use an adhesive on a small disc that you will place on your furniture.

Quakehold universal safety straps for flat screen TVs

Many households today have large flat screen TVs in their homes. Securing this kind of entertainment furniture can keep this expensive investment protected from any form of irreparable damage. This can also prevent unwanted injuries to children, elderly, and pets. Quakehold kit comes with two durable straps made from nylon with buckles for securing your TV in place. Televisions with a weight of 150 pounds and a maximum of 70 inches in size are more suitable for this specific kit. It features peel and press adhesive mounts that adheres to the wall or furniture piece to prevent the TV from toppling over.

If you do not know how to secure your flat screen TV, we strongly recommend you purchase lorenzo tv console.

The Bottom Line

Consider yourself if you are looking for ways on how to secure furniture to wall without holes and without the use of screws. There are now anti-tip kits that you can use for tethering furniture to the wall with the use of small hooks, pins, or adhesives that connect to the stud or wall.

In addition, you can also try your luck by mounting L-hooks or brackets for securing furniture using ties, cords, or cables combined with a heavy-duty construction adhesive. Prior to trying any method to keep your furniture pieces secured, don’t forget to carefully read and go through the instructions. You might also want to consult a professional to seek help during the installation if needed.

Make sure that you also conduct the necessary test to check of how well your chosen method of keeping your furniture secured works following the installation. A lot of young kids, adults, and curious pets can suffer from injuries or even fatality due to tipped over or falling furniture. Lessen the weight above the furniture to avoid unstable conditions and ensure that it is properly on the floor.

By learning how to secure furniture to wall without holes, you can leave minimal damage to your walls, making it a smart way to protect you, your family, pets, and used furniture.