Is Amish furniture worth it

Amish furniture has been in the market for a long time now and has gained an immense amount of positive reputation as well. You may rarely find a person who denies the durability and high quality of Amish furniture and the fact that it can live for years without requiring any major care or maintenance. People tend to wonder and ask, is Amish furniture worth it?

Well, this question arises not because of its quality or strength but because of its high prices. Amish furniture is indeed a bit expensive but if you compare it with all the other options available in the same budget, there will be a huge gap either in quality or durability. Continue reading this article as it will go through all minor to major aspects of this topic and will surely clear all your confusion.

Is Amish furniture worth it

Is Amish furniture made by the Amish?

In a single word, YES and there are no second claims or opinions. The furniture is made by the Amish itself in different states of America where Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana are some of its biggest hubs.

Amish furniture is well known for its quality wood but its style also has been a trademark for a long time now. Amish furniture is more like traditional furniture than modern one but when it is placed in the right area at the right spot, it can enhance the charm of that place with too many folds.

The reason behind the traditional design is that they first started the business by selling hand-crafted furniture, they gained immense popularity, and now Amish is known as the best place for traditional furniture.

What is Amish furniture made of?

The well-known Amish furniture is solely made from wood without using any artificial wood, laminate, particle-board, or related materials.

The major reason behind their good material and high-quality product are that each small wood piece is analyzed and selected by a person before getting into the work.

They look for wood that is completely natural and neutral-toned so that they can create furniture of their iconic design without having any flaws neither in style nor in its passive qualities such as durability.

Why is Amish furniture so expensive?

Amish furniture uses some of the most expensive and in-demand woods in the manufacturing of their future where walnut, oak, and pine are some of the most prominent. Just because these woods are always in demand, they are not so often found easily and remain short.

Also, the walnut trees grow smaller in height as compared to other trees such as cherry. The veneer of Amish furniture is also created using the most expensive trees in the market. This is the reason that even if Amish furniture is expensive, it has the quality to be tagged with such prices.

How do the Amish make furniture?

  1. Although the process is the same, the scenario is a bit different. Amish furniture doen’t use electricity in its manufacturing as they use pneumatic tools that are powered by compressed air.
  2. One of the biggest differences in Amish furniture making is that they don’t usually use nails or screws to join two wood parts, instead they use high-quality joinery adhesive that is non-toxic as well.
  3. The finishing process is done using catalyzed varnish which is widely used in the elite quality furniture in the world.

Do Amish furniture makers use power tools?

Amish furniture does use power tools that are powered by a diesel engine using compressed air and are often regarded as pneumatic tools.

Although such tools are used in terms of buffers, sanders, and saws. Apart from these common tools, hammers, chisels, and related equipment are sometimes used in traditional ways as well. 

How long does Amish furniture last?

This is one of the few things where Amish furniture has huge power which not only makes them stand out in the competition but please their customers as well.

On average, a piece of the Amish future can live longer than a human’s lifetime and with regard to this, it can be said that the Amish future lives longer than 60 to 80 years.

Is Amish furniture in style?

In most cases, Amish furniture is manufactured on the order and it can be customized if a customer wants to.

Even if we keep this fact aside, Amish fashion always remains in style and fashion and can be used in any era, in any room, and any position.

The reason is that Amish furniture has its aura which allows it to get mixed with modern furniture without looking odd or un-unified.

Is Amish furniture good?

There is no second opinion that Amish furniture produces some of the top quality furniture in the whole market but there are slight chances that the quality may vary a little bit from store to store or area to area. You don’t have to worry a lot as Amish furniture was reported about this factor and they surely have worked on it.

Are Amish cabinets worth it?

This question is widely asked by customers because of the relatively high prices of Amish furniture. The fact is that even if prices are a bit high, the quality, durability, strength, life, resistance, design and many other related factors make Amish furniture completely worth the price. You can consider it as a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

How to tell if the furniture is Amish made?

  1. There will be no nails and screws in Amish furniture.
  2. The glue and adhesives used for the joinery process will not be visible even if you are looking from a foot’s distance.
  3. The wood pieces will give you a feeling that each piece is well selected and matches the whole furniture uniformly.
  4. The furniture will have a traditional style with a varnish finish, giving a smooth, glossy look.

Can you buy Amish furniture directly?

Amish furniture stores can be found in different states of the United States and some other regions as well. They usually have all the options available or you can place the order and they will get you the furniture either from another store or from their workshop, in a matter of hours or days. As far as buying is concerned, you can buy Amish furniture directly and it is probably the best way as well.