Is Crate & Barrel furniture worth it

There are only a few furniture brands that are offering their services in almost all regions of the world with their stores. It has more than 120 furniture stores mainly in the United States of America and Canada while they have stores in some other major countries as well.

They have a main motto statement that aims to allow customers to “Welcome Life In” and to make it happen, they are working on new designs regularly while high-end creative, stylish, and attractive patterns are being launched.

Is Crate & Barrel furniture worth it

They have a great reputation for arranging furniture for weddings as well as baby showering while their sofas are relatively more popular than any of their other products. Although all these things are true, the real question remains, is Crate & Barrel furniture worth it?

Where is Crate & Barrel furniture made?

The area which manufactures a big portion of Crate & Barrel furniture is solely the United States of America while the other remaining portion of furniture is imported from a wide range of regions mainly from Asia and Europe.

Crate & Barrel furniture is made in the North Carolina state of the United States while they also buy it directly from various other industries where Lee and McCreary’s industries are a few to name. They usually import sofas in their original form and then customize them in the US using different upholstery fabrics and colors.

Why are Crate and Barrel so expensive?

Crate and Barrel furniture is manufactured using high-quality wood along with the most stylish and attractive designs that are always in the limelight not only in furniture industries but in the hearts of buyers as well.

Apart from this, they have a huge reputation and trust among their customers and it can be seen clearly by looking into their annual revenue and customer turnover. Although all these factors are almost right, still Crate and Barrel furniture are relatively more expensive than almost all other furniture brands.

Users have claimed that they tested the quality and everything of their furniture at their stores and can easily get the exact same furniture from other brands at a relatively low to almost half of Crate & Barrel’s prices.

Crate and Barrel furniture quality

As said earlier, Crate and Barrel import furniture from different regions of the world along with its major manufacturing hub in the United States of America.

The furniture is manufactured in a wide range of materials where wood is the most prominent while others include glass, engineered wood, brass, steel, marble, etc.

The quality is considered fairly good and has been appreciated by a big portion of their customers but there are still some complaints about its durability and longevity.

It really doesn’t mean that Crate & Barrel furniture is not so durable but some people say that it is less durable in comparison with the products’ prices.

Pros of Crate and Barrel furniture

  • A wide range of design and style collections allows you to have exactly what you desire and are interested in.
  • Customization facilities and options for some chairs, sofas, dining seats, etc.
  • 30 days return and refund policy.
  • High-quality material.
  • Furniture made up of different materials.

Cons of Crate and Barrel furniture

  • Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to deliver your ordered furniture.
  • Some specific sofas and furniture products are reported not to be so durable and long-living.
  • Some categories and furniture products are extremely expensive.

Is Crate and Barrel furniture worth the money?

Although some people say that Crate & Barrel furniture is overpriced, there are only a few products that fall in this claim because most of their categories are priced relatively fairly.

If you are a person who can’t compromise on aesthetics, style, and want to keep pace with the modernization of the world, Crate & Barrel is a brand to go and get your furniture.

Also, if you look into some other brands, the quality of furniture goes down with the increase in aesthetics but this is completely not the case with Crate and Barrel furniture.

So, it can be said that Crate and Barrel furniture is worth the money, the only thing that gives a bad impact is their overpricing on their few categories such as sofas and delivery services as buyers don’t really like to wait a long time to get their ordered products.

Are Crate and Barrel sofas worth the money?

There are mixed opinions regarding crate and barrel sofa as some people claim that the sofas are extremely expensive as compared to sofas found on any other brand.

A buyer in his review claims that 4 sofas can easily be bought from IKEA or any other furniture brand at the same price which cost a single sofa from Crate & Barrel.

There is no second opinion that sofas are definitely of good quality and have amazing styling and design but you should compare them with other brands to see if they offer that quality at a lower price.

This is usually the biggest counter statement given by Crate & Barrel furniture buyers who love to buy sofas from this brand and consider them worth the money as well.

Do Crate and Barrel ever offer free shipping?

Crate and Barrel don’t usually offer free shipping and they charge somewhere about $249 for shipping your one order.

There are quite a few conditions where you can avail of their free shipping facility that too in an area in their determined specific distance range.

You can get a free shipping facility very efficiently if you go into some retailers’ websites and check out their “All Free Shipping” page.

When does Crate & Barrel furniture go on sale?

Crate and Barrel post their furniture on sales like almost all other furniture brands in the industry. You can get their furniture at a discounted price during the holidays and when one season is saying bye to welcome the new one.

They usually offer a 20% discount when they are willing to clean the store at the end of summer. You can avail this opportunity by simply inserting the code that will be displayed either on all the pages or just on the product on which sale is being offered.

What is the Crate & Barrel return policy?

Their Crate & Barrel return is simple and straight as you can ask them to return their furniture within 30 days of its delivery of pickup.

If you want a refund, credit, or exchange it for another furniture product, you will be required to provide a statement or official proof of purchase so that they can approve and verify.