Is hickory wood good for furniture

Hickory wood has been used for a long time but its usage has increased many folds in recent years. No matter how advanced the world moves forward, nothing can beat the charm of wooden furniture in the house. As there are many wood types out there, sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which one is better than the other.

Is hickory wood good for furniture? is one of the widely asked questions on this topic. Well, it is a good option because of its resistance, no-wearing properties, durability, and beautiful rusting look. This is not all, instead, we will further elaborate on this topic in the article.

Is hickory wood good for furniture

Is hickory wood durable and resistant?

Hickory wood is one the most durable and resistant hardwoods in the world, especially among those produced in the United States of America. Wood furniture can last for years and the probability of getting dents is almost zero.

Is hickory wood better than oak?

As far as durability is concerned, hickory wood is far better than white as well as red oak. Oak is prone to getting dents or scratches but hickory is naturally resistant to such issues and stays in shape for a long time. The pressure and weight-bearing quality are also better in hickory than the oak. All this makes it a better option for furniture.

Is hickory better than maple wood?

Hickory is better than maple wood though they are both considered high-quality hardwoods. The Janka hardness rating of the hickory wood is 1820 while the maple is behind by a long shot at 1450. We can say that hickory is arguably the hardest domestic hardwood in the market.

Is hickory wood furniture costly?

Hickory is much less costly than most hardwoods but still, it is more expensive than many exotic wood types in the market. However, the quality, durability, and aesthetic look that comes with the hickory wood furniture will totally be worth it as it will justify your money’s value.

Is hickory wood more costly than walnut?

No, hickory is not more expensive than walnut wood which is one of the most expensive hardwoods out there. The price of hickory is mostly near to the price of oak. Still, you should do research before buying because prices can vary depending on your region or the store you are buying from.

Advantages of hickory wood furniture:

Though we have mentioned most of the advantages earlier, below is the list of the major plus points of hickory wood furniture:

  1. High hardness
  2. Resistant to impact, dents, scratches, and damage
  3. Resists stains
  4. Stability
  5. Availability
  6. Water resistance

Is hickory wood furniture prone to dents?

No, instead hickory is arguably the best hardwood in resisting dents, scratches, and other such damages to the furniture. This factor makes it a great choice for fine furniture that has extensive usage such as chairs, tables, or flooring. Many experts recommend going for hickory wood furniture for areas like dining, kitchens, and living rooms just for its resistance.

Is hickory wood good for making a dining table?

Yes and in all aspects. If you want a durable and resistant dining table, hickory wood is a good option. If you want a dining table with a modern yet rustic look, hickory is an option.

If you want your dining table to look aesthetic with your house theme, hickory is there for you. In short, hickory wood is great for dining tables.

Is hickory a good wood for cabinetry?

Hickory wood is good for cabinetry because of its resistance. It can stay in its shape which reduces the chances of constant repairs of cabinet doors (which is the most common issue with wood cabinetry). The wood toughness also ensures that the cabinetry will not fall or bow at any side.

What color is hickory wood?

Hickory wood is reddish brown in color and that’s the reason it is called “Red Hickory” in some parts of the world. One variety of hickory known as “Sapwood” or “White Hickory” also comes in white or light shade.

Does hickory wood furniture change color?

Hickory wood furniture can change its color to yellow or pale shade over time but that’s not always the case. Sometimes the furniture can become darker over time instead of getting pale. These factors mainly depend on external factors such as traffic, usage, environmental conditions, and exposure to sunlight and water.

Is hickory wood furniture water-resistant?

Yes, hickory is arguably one of the top water-resistant hardwoods in the market. You can get an idea by the fact that this wood is mainly preferred for flooring and water-related applications such as bathroom walls and paneling.

How to verify if the furniture is of hickory wood?

Here are the major factors, characteristics, or properties of hickory wood furniture that can be used as identifiers:

  1. Wood has a wavy grain pattern with irregular light and dark knots.
  2. Reddish brown color.
  3. The wood furniture should have a nutty or smoky smell (not so strong).

As the wood resembles many other kinds of wood, it is better to seek professional help for verification of the hickory wood furniture before buying it.

How to maintain hickory wood furniture?

Here is what you should do to keep your hickory wood furniture in good shape:

  1. Clean regularly to remove dust using a cloth or vacuum cleaner.
  2. Always rub the cloth in the grain’s direction to avoid affecting the finish.
  3. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive duster on furniture.
  4. Avoid putting the furniture under direct sunlight (use sheets or a shade for outdoor use).
  5. Though hickory wood is water resistant, remove any liquid spills on the furniture.

Does hickory wood furniture stain and polish well?

Hickory wood has knots, grains, and texture in such a way that it absorbs polish in an efficient manner. It stains well which gives your furniture a shiny and attractive look through time. It is still recommended to re-polish or re-stain your furniture at least once a year.

How to properly clean hickory wood furniture?

Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Remove all dust from the furniture.
  2. Use a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner for dusting.
  3. Pour ½ cup of hardwood cleaners into 2 gallons of water and stir well.
  4. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and take it out while rinsing all water back into the bucket.
  5. Move that semi-wet cloth on the furniture in the direction of the grain.
  6. Use a dry cloth after that or let the furniture air-dry.