Is Oakwood good for furniture

Furniture is one of the few things that require a lot of consideration and you need to take a look at various aspects so that you can get a product of high quality. When a person steps into the market, they are exposed to a wide range of options where some are great while others are just good.

Oak, pine, and walnut are some of the top contenders when it comes to high-quality wood for furniture but just like any other thing in this world, they have some drawbacks as well. So, the question arises here, is Oakwood good for furniture?

Is Oakwood good for furniture

In a few words, Oak is one of the best wood to be used in furniture because of its extensive advantages and positive points. Continue reading this article as it is composed just to tell you all the answers and get you out of your confusion in the best way possible.

What color is Oakwood?

Oakwood can be virtually found in different shades and hues depending upon what conditions and in what regions the oak tree was planted and grown. Apart from this, the oak tree has different species and types which also produce wood of varying shades.

The natural color of oakwood is somewhere between light brown to reddish while white oak trees produce wood of beige brown to dark reddish or almost rose-like color. Although the color shade of oak wood varies, you cannot tell exactly whether this wood is white oak or the other one because there are possibilities that white oak comes in light brown color while natural oak has a rosier red shade.

The best thing about oakwood is that it accepts stains and paint more than most of the woods used for furniture. This factor allows you to stain it in a color that matches your desires. You can stain it with the darkest color while applying light color will also look mesmerizing and refreshing.

Why is Oak used for furniture?

There are many factors and characteristics of Oakwood that make it a good contender to be used for furniture. Oakwood is strong, dense, heavy, and hard which are some of the top required factors in wood to produce high-quality furniture. Having these properties in oakwood makes it durable and long-living which is the need of the residents as well. 

Oakwood furniture advantages

  • Durable and long-living.
  • Extremely resistant to warping.
  • Distinctive and attractive look because of its wavy grain pattern.
  • Staining and finishing can enhance the beauty and charm of furniture.
  • A great choice for heavy-grade furniture.
  • Pretty affordable as compared to other hardwoods with the same characteristics.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Can be found on almost all furniture brands and stores.

Oakwood furniture disadvantages

  • Wrong staining can lead your furniture to look two-toned.
  • Heavyweight may make it not suitable for various furniture options.
  • Shrinking and cracks can occur if not taken care of or cleaned regularly.

Is Oakwood furniture worth buying?

If you look into all the good characteristics and factors of being strong, hard, heavy, dense, wavy grains, pattern, and attractiveness, you may rarely find a person that denies the fact that Oakwood furniture is worth buying.

Investing in oakwood furniture will bring a piece that will remain in your house for decades and will enhance the look and charm of your house as well. In a nutshell, it can be said that oakwood furniture is worth the money as long as you don’t want to have lightweight furniture.

Is Oak furniture outdated?

With the advancement of the world, new styles and designs of furniture are coming into the market with paint, glossy look, and glass furniture is also making a boost. With all these things, oak furniture once began to be categorized as outdated.

To stay in the market and facilitate people with the best furniture, manufacturers began to enhance their manufacturing to bring oakwood furniture in the most in-demand styles, shapes, and designs. So, now you will never think that oakwood furniture is outdated if you look at it in a furniture showroom.

Can you use pledge on Oak furniture?

You can use a pledge which contains a good amount of silicone on oakwood furniture as it helps in hiding the imperfections of the furniture by forming waxy layers over the furniture but one thing to keep in mind is that even if it can be used, it is recommended to avoid it.

Pledge forms a layer of silicone which is good but it will cause issues when you need to repair the furniture again or even if you want to stain, paint or refinish the furniture. It is good only if you are applying a pledge with the intention that you will not use it after it gets cracked or has issues again.

How to protect Oak furniture?

  1. Cleaning, dusting, and removing debris is required on a regular or periodic basis.
  2. Apply a coat of wood preservative if you live in an area where furniture is exposed to continuous external conditions.
  3. Applying a polyurethane coat can also prevent it from insects and moisture.
  4. Although it is not very much affected by moisture or extreme conduction, still it is best to keep these things away from furniture as it will increase its life, durability, and attractiveness as well.

The best treatment for Oak furniture

Waxing your oak furniture is recommended at least twice a year. This will form a protective layer and will act almost like any other preservative but in a bit better way. Adding a good amount of beeswax makes it one of the best treatments for oak furniture and increases its life and efficiency at the same time.

How to restore faded Oak furniture?

  1. You need to start by removing dirt and debris from the furniture so that you can get the best finish.
  2. Start sanding the faded spot along with the nearby areas that are affected minorly.
  3. You may add more pressure while sanding or choose extra harsh grit papers while working on the worst affected areas.
  4. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure as it may lead you to a whole new mess that may not be able to get fixed at home as well.
  5. Once the wood has been sanded, it is time to apply the polish or paint and finish things off.
  6. You need to match the color of the affected area with the whole furniture and this can easily be done by comparing the polish with furniture before applying it to the wood.

Cleaning Oak furniture with vinegar

Vinegar combined with olive oil is probably the best homemade solution to clean oak furniture. Below is the simple procedure of getting the job done in almost no time.

  1. Make a good mixture of ⅓ vinegar along with ⅔ olive oil. You can add water as well in the place of olive oil.
  2. Fill a spray bottle with the solution as you need to apply a thin layer which can be done efficiently using a spray bottle.
  3. Spray the mixture on the furniture and wipe it off after a few seconds or a minute using a soft and clean cloth.
  4. You only need to gently move the cloth instead of rubbing it rashly.