Is parawood good for furniture

Are you planning to buy parawood furniture for your home or office?

If yes, you must be wondering, is parawood good for furniture? What are the pros and cons of parawood?

Is parawood good for furniture

In this article, we will show you all the main characteristics of parawood, its pros & cons, and also compare it with other types of woods. After reading, you will be able to easily make your decision.

What actually is parawood?

Parawood is an immensely popular type of wood that is used for making different furniture items.

Parawood is taken from the rubber tree. It has great durability and fine texture. This wood has minimum shrinkage and that’s why it is used for manufacturing furniture items.

It is also called rubberwood, Malaysian oak, plantation hardwood, hevea, and white teak.

Origins of parawood

Parawood is extensively grown in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America.

Uses of parawood

Parawood has a variety of uses. It is primarily used for manufacturing different kinds of furniture items.

You can use parawood for making hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, children’s furniture, office furniture, plywood, etc.

Parawood has superb durability and that’s why it is preferred for making daily use furniture items.

Is parawood hard or soft

Parawood is categorized as a hardwood because its internal structure is exceptionally dense and compact.

The hardness of parawood is similar to Oakwood, Maple, and Cherry. This hardness makes parawood highly durable and that’s why it is ideal for daily use furniture products.

Parawood is hard from the inside but it’s quite soft from the outside. It has shock-absorbing abilities which make it a perfect choice for manufacturing hardwood floors, benches, and chairs. It will provide comfort to the users sitting or lying over them.  

How strong is parawood?

The strength of parawood is around 9500 psi. It is considered a hardwood that is tough and durable enough to be used for daily use furniture items.

Is parawood safe for furniture?

Yes, parawood is safe.

Parawood is obtained from rubber trees which are part of nature. This wood is used for making flooring and furniture all across the world.

There is no safety hazard associated with parawood.   

Is parawood toxic for furniture?

No, parawood is not toxic. It is safe.

Parawood does not possess any safety risk to humans or pets. It is safe to be used anywhere you want. Even if you burn parawood, it won’t release any poisonous fumes.

It is non-toxic and safe for all furniture.

Can parawood be refinished?

Yes, parawood can be refinished.

Parawood is easy to work with and it stains exceptionally well. You can apply your favorite paint on parawood and refinish it as per your desires.

Can you paint parawood furniture?

Yes, you can paint parawood furniture.

Parawood can be painted easily. The best thing about parawood is that it stains quickly. You use your favorite paint on parawood and customize the appearance of your furniture.

Is parawood furniture good quality?

Yes, parawood furniture is of good quality. It is one of the most expensive types of wood in the market and hence the furniture made from parawood has good quality.

Parawood furniture is strong, durable, and requires less maintenance. It is elastic and offers comfort to the users. It is also resistant to stains, fire, and heat.

All these features make parawood an ideal choice for daily use furniture items.

Pros and cons of parawood furniture

There are many pros and cons of using parawood furniture. Let’s explore them.

Pros of parawood furniture

1. High durability

Parawood furniture has a longer life, thanks to its high durability. It is strong and categorized as a hardwood.

Parawood furniture can survive for up to 20 years if you’ll maintain it properly.

2. Little to no maintenance

Parawood is resistant to stains and that’s why it requires little to no maintenance. You can clean it easily.

3. Comfortable texture

Parawood has an immensely soft and comfortable texture. It has shock-absorbing properties.

That’s why parawood is ideal for making wood floorings, benches, and chairs because it will provide great comfort to the users and save them from tiredness.

4. Resistance to fire

Parawood furniture won’t catch fire quickly because it has extraordinary resistance to fire. It will also not release any poisonous fumes after catching fire.

This key feature of parawood furniture will keep you and your property safe.

5. Easy to stain

Parawood furniture is easy to stain. You can customize the appearance of your furniture by applying your favorite paint.

6. Minimum shrinkage

Parawood has minimum shrinkage which makes it an ideal choice for furniture.

It is less prone to cracks and offers a longer life to your furniture items.

Cons of parawood furniture

1. Vulnerable to rotting

Parawood is attractive for insects because it is enriched with starch. They can attack your furniture and ruin it.

So, make sure to use a good insecticide.

Parawood is also prone to fungus attack if it is exposed to moisture. You can use preservatives to protect it.

2. Slick surface

Parawood has an immensely soft exterior. It might become slippery after polish or exposure to water. Keep that in mind because it can prove dangerous.

3. High cost

If parawood is not grown in your country, then its cost would be higher. Because the manufacturers will have to import parawood from the source countries and it will cost them more money.

That’s why parawood furniture can be a bit expensive in some regions.

4. Not best for outdoor use

If you want to use parawood furniture outdoors, then hold on.

Parawood furniture is not suitable for outdoor use. It will deteriorate quickly when exposed to outdoor conditions such as moisture and rain.

5. Poor water resistance

Parawood furniture is prone to damage by water because of seepage problems.

It can be damaged by rainwater.

6. Prone to warping

Parawood furniture is vulnerable to warp, split, twist, and bow because it is enriched with moisture content.

Is parawood good for chairs?

Yes, parawood is best for chairs.

It’s because parawood has a soft exterior. It also has shock-absorbing abilities.

You will feel quite comfortable and less tired after sitting on a parawood chair.

Is parawood good for wooden floors?

Yes, parawood is good for wood floors.

Parawood has shock-absorbing abilities. You will feel comfortable while walking over it.

But keep in mind that the parawood floor can become slippery due to water and polish.

Can you use parawood for tables?

Yes, parawood can be used for tables.

Parawood is highly durable and has a longer life. Thus, it is ideal for daily use furniture items like dining tables, coffee tables, or regular tables.

Is parawood good for outdoor furniture?

No, parawood is not good for outdoor furniture.

The reason is that parawood quickly starts deteriorating when it is exposed to outdoor conditions. It will get severely damaged by moisture and rainwater.