Is Scanteak Furniture Good

If you are planning to buy Scanteak furniture, you must be thinking if it is a good choice or not.

Is Scanteak furniture good? What are the pros and cons of buying Scanteak furniture?

Is Scanteak Furniture Good

This article will tell you everything related to Scanteak furniture, so you can easily make your decision.

Scanteak furniture is from which country?

Scanteak furniture belongs to Singapore. This company has a big history of struggle and success.

In 1974, the Scanteak furniture company started from a small 400 sq feet office in Joo Chiat, Singapore.

After that, Scanteak kept growing and spread in many other parts of the world like the USA. They also won a lot of awards for high performance and made a profit worth millions of dollars. 

Today, Scanteak furniture is among the most popular furniture brands in Singapore. They are providing very high-quality and durable teak furniture items that are extremely beautiful.

Scanteak furniture review

If you are interested in buying Scanteak furniture, you must read this review and the pros and cons of Scanteak furniture items:

Pros of Scanteak furniture

1. Their furniture is strong and durable

No one wants to buy a furniture item that is weak and barely lasts for a few months.

Scanteak furniture is famous because its products are strong and have long-lasting build quality.

They use high-quality materials for manufacturing different furniture items. This is why Scanteak furniture has a longer life and it is worth the money.

2. Resistant to termite infestation

Termites can attack your precious furniture item at any time and ruin it completely. All the money you spent will be wasted due to termite infestation.

Scanteak uses special natural oils in their furniture items to keep the termites away.

That’s why Scanteak furniture has high durability and longer life.

3. Water repellant

Exposure to water and moisture can damage the furniture.

Scanteak uses natural oils which make their furniture items water repellant.

This helps improve the durability of the furniture and increase its life.

4. Environment-friendly due to low formaldehyde levels

These days, most furniture items use high levels of formaldehyde. It is a gas that is highly toxic for humans and the environment.

Formaldehyde can irritate the nose, skin, and eyes. It will also pollute the environment.

Scanteak perform formaldehyde tests on their furniture to ensure that it follows the regulations of the California air resources board (CARB). They take special measures to make sure that their furniture items have the lowest levels of formaldehyde.

5. Elegant & attractive designs

Scanteak furniture products have a very elegant and attractive design.

Scanteak furniture was also featured in the famous Netflix series “Alice in Borderland”.

Their furniture designs are simple yet beautiful enough to attract the eyes of the viewers. 

6. Simple and easy to maintain

Scanteak furniture items have simple and beautiful designs. That’s why it is very easy to maintain this furniture.

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort.

7. Huge variety of furniture

Scanteak is a very big furniture brand. They have a huge variety of high-quality furniture items available.

Whether you are looking for a scanteak pull out bed, sofa, table, or drawers & shelves – you can get almost every type of furniture item from Scanteak.

8. Home for teak furniture

If you are someone who loves furniture items made from teak wood, then Scanteak has a lot to offer you.

They mostly use high-quality teak wood in all of their furniture items.

Scanteak is your home for teak furniture.

9. Professional service

Scanteak provides very professional services to all of its customers.

You will enjoy shopping from Scanteak because the whole process is so smooth, easy, and simple.

Cons of Scanteak furniture

1. Affordability of furniture

Scanteak furniture is not among one of the cheapest furniture that you can get. Its price is relatively higher because they mostly use teak wood in all of their furniture items.

Teak is one of the most expensive woods present out there. The reason is that teak wood is very rare since it is extremely difficult to grow. It is a premium quality wood with high durability and elegance. That’s why its price would be higher as well.

So, the price of Scanteak furniture might be a problem for you if you’re tight on budget.

2. Everyone may not like teak

When it comes to furniture, everyone has a different choice of wood. Some people love teak wood whereas some do not like furniture made from teak.

Scanteak uses teak wood in most of its furniture products. So, if you don’t like teak wood, then this will be a drawback for you.

Types of Scanteak furniture

Scanteak has so many different types of furniture available for sale.

You can find almost everything be it beds, tables, sofas, bookshelves, etc.

Let’s take a quick look at them:

Scanteak dining table

A dining table is a need of every family. Scanteak has a huge variety of teak dining tables available.

You can find different sizes of dining tables starting from 108CM to 210CM.

Moreover, you also have a choice between round and square dining tables.

The designs are very simple and attractive. They are very easy to maintain as well.

Scanteak bookshelf

A bookshelf can help you keep your books collection organized.

Scanteak offers you a variety of bookshelves of different sizes and dimensions.

You can choose between a bookshelf with doors or without doors. You are free to choose your favorite size and design as well.

Scanteak 3 seater sofa

Scanteak has a big collection of 3 seater sofas. They are available in different sizes, colors, and dimensions.

Scanteak 3 seater sofas have a simple and elegant design. They will enhance the beauty of your living space and impress the viewers.

Scanteak furniture warranty

Scanteak offers you a 6-month warranty on all the furniture items you purchase from them.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects in the furniture item.

Differences in shades or wood grain patterns are not covered in the warranty because it is a natural occurrence.

Similarly, any kind of damage caused due to the usage of the furniture item is not covered in the official warranty.

Scanteak furniture care

Here are some extremely useful tips that will help you take good care of your Scanteak furniture and increase its life:

  1. Never balance the chairs on less than 4 legs.
  2. Never install a furniture item yourself if you don’t have any idea about it. You may end up damaging the furniture. Moreover, incorrectly installed furniture becomes a safety risk for everyone around.
  3. Do not expose indoor furniture to direct sunlight because its color can change very quickly.
  4. Avoid dragging the furniture because it can affect the structural strength of your furniture and make it weak. Always lift it when moving.
  5. Clean the spills immediately to avoid any stains on your furniture.