What color goes with espresso furniture

Despite all the hype about grey as the favorite neutral color for the past few years, brown will forever remain as the neutral of all neutrals. But, there are some shades and tones of brown that are more eternal than others and one of them is none other than espresso. If you are planning to use this color for your home, what color goes with espresso furniture well and make your décor?

Espresso color, as you can easily tell from its name, reminds you of roasting coffee beans as well as the espresso they produce, that captivating color between black and brown that can work beautifully as either one.

What color goes with espresso furniture

What color bedding goes with espresso furniture?

What color bedding goes with espresso furniture

What color bedding goes with your espresso furniture?

Shades of green such as green-blue and green-grey are considered the best natural partners for your espresso furniture because they are the color wheel opposites or the complements of the red undertone of espresso. Bedding in rich red-brown color can also work in the red-toned analogous color schemes featuring neighboring colors in the color wheel.

You can also pair your espresso furniture with bedspreads or comforters in caramel, muted yellows, or slate blue to achieve a more rustic appearance. Darker colored accent pillows and bedding can go well with shiny finished headboards as they match the sharp details of the grain of the wood.

You can also choose brown and green bedding to create an organic and fresh look and feel. To make things even better, you can even paint your bedroom walls in green and choose espresso furniture with dark stain. This will create a strong but still comfortable and subtle contrast. If you want an even more luxurious touch, you can even combine brown with gold.

What color couch goes with espresso furniture?

What color couch goes with espresso furniture

Espresso furniture is among the most popular and constantly trending furniture color of choice. This rich and deep brown is definitely classic color that you can mix into most decors. If your living room area has espresso furniture, what color couch will best suit the room?

Despite being an incredibly versatile color, the color theory revealed that the colors that best complement espresso are greens, blues, and blue-greens. Even though the list looks short, it actually covers a plethora of colors.

The color couch you choose depends on the vibe and style you like to portray in the living room. For example, if you wish to create an inviting, calming, and bright space, seafoam or light blue are your best options. These colors can create great contrast against your dark espresso furniture to allow both colors to stick out.

Rich and dark colors such as deep blue, turquoise, and emerald are ideal for more adventurous and formal living rooms. These couches can be used to create a classic and luxurious room. Any of the said color couches paired with your espresso furniture is guaranteed to make your living room look even more upscale without trying too hard.

What color paint goes with espresso furniture?

What color paint goes with espresso furniture

The best thing about espresso color is that it can definitely hold its own in any great design where it is used or added. The color palettes known to contrast really well with espresso are blue-grey, green-green, mint green and light olive. Due to the dominance of espresso as a color, colors that are of softer contrast almost become accent colors.  

When trying to determine the color paint that will go well with your espresso furniture, you might want to use the color theory and color wheel as your reference. Espresso belongs to the color family of red-orange and this means that it is found in the sector between the orange and red color families with undertones of both orange and red. To find this sector’s complementing colors, you have to look at the sector found directly across from the family on the color wheel.

The blue-green family is immediately across the red-orange family. It means that the best complementary color paints for your espresso furniture fall between green and blue. It doesn’t mean that only green or blue paint will be your choices here. This grouping also covers the rest of the shades found between these colors.  

What color rug goes with espresso furniture?

Espresso furniture with its black-brown color may look modern and sleek but if you combine it with several dark-hued details, this might end up creating a more somber mood than what you intended to. By keeping your accents light, walls, and rugs light, your espresso furniture can lend a more sophisticated touch to the overall décor of your room. Layering the right hues for the theme of the room will keep the feel bright and inviting.  

What color rug will best go with your espresso furniture, then?

When it comes to rugs, you might want to go for sandy beige or light blue on your floor rugs or even on your walls, bed linens, or chair slipcovers to brighten up the space. You can also try to include the traditional navy prints and stripes on pillows and throws on your espresso wooden bench, for instance, or in the placements on your espresso dining room table.

What color furniture goes with espresso cabinets?

What color furniture goes with espresso cabinets

Espresso cabinets serve as warmer substitutes for black cabinets. Grabbing the second spot next to white when it comes to popularity, espresso cabinets have an elegant and beautiful deep dark brown pieces that can pair well with the classic creams and whites, cool greens and blues, and bold modern blacks, silvers, and reds.

So, what color furniture can go with your espresso cabinets? For very traditional home, espresso cabinets look more regal if paired with yellow accents and red walls or rich blue color. However, you have to remember that covering majority of the surfaces in colorful or dark tones can work best only in rooms that gets lots of natural light to ensure that the space doesn’t feel cavernous.

What color do walls go with espresso furniture?

Espresso furniture is best paired with pastel, but can also be gracefully paired with light olive, blue-grey, mint green, and green-grey.

Can you mix white and espresso furniture?

Yes, you can combine white and espresso furniture. When white is combined with espresso furniture, it brings out the rich undertone of the furniture pigment. White is a cool color and therefore, it can balance out the warmness of espresso furniture. The combination of the two colors creates an inviting look.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Espresso furniture Black or Brown?

    No, Espresso furniture is neither Black nor brown. It is in-between! Most people think Espresso is dark or true black, but that’s not true, they are actually more like deep dark brown and comparable with the color of coffee.

  2. Does Espresso furniture go with grey walls?

    Yes, Espresso furnitures goes well with grey walls. Both Espresso furniture and grey are neutral hence, their combination be great together even though they are best combined with dark walls. Lavender, Blue and Biege can also make a perfect combo with espresso furnitures.

  3. Does espresso furniture go with black?

    Yes, espresso furniture go with black. While espresso may look good with grey, they look better when combined with black or dark colors because they will make a perfect blend.

As discussed earlier, espresso is a color that can hold its own when used in home décor. The color furniture that can go well with your espresso cabinets can be in blue-grays or green-grays because they are the perfect contrast with espresso cabinets and their red undertone. Mint-green, light olive, lavender, light warm gray and gray-plum are also wonderful options.

Now that you know the colors that can go well with your espresso furniture, make sure you keep these pointers in mind once you get started in designing your home. When done correctly, your chosen combinations can definitely make your espresso furniture stand out and serve as the focal point of your living space.

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