Why are chaise lounges so expensive

Chaise lounges are always a good thing to have because you can do so many amazing things with them. Not only do they make your house look stylish, attractive, and aesthetic but you can also use them for relaxing in front of your pool, fireplace, or even take them to the beach to chill out.

However, people are often left surprised when they see the high prices of chaise lounges in Malaysia.

Why are chaise lounges so expensive

Why’s that so? Why are outdoor chaise lounges so expensive? Is there anything special about them? We’ll explore all of that today.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at everything you need to know about the outdoor chaise lounges.

Why outdoor chaise lounges are so expensive?

The reason why outdoor chaise lounges are so expensive has a lot to do with the durability of outdoor chaise lounges and the material used in their construction.

As you know that the outdoor chaise lounges will be exposed to extremely rough outdoor conditions like sun, rain, snow, wind, and dust, etc. So, the outdoor chaise lounges need to be designed and developed in a way that they’re resistant to damage & degradation by rough outdoor conditions and have a longer life.

This requires the use of premium quality material and resources during manufacturing outdoor chaise lounges. The high-quality design and use of premium material raise the price of outdoor chaise lounges and make them so expensive.

Here are the materials used in chaise lounges that make them so expensive:

1. Aluminum & metal

Strength and stability are the two important factors that people look for in outdoor chaise lounges. It’s because they’ll be exposed to rough outdoor conditions like rain, sun, and snow. That’s why they use metal aluminum so the chaise lounges don’t break that easily.

The aluminum metal prevents rusting and the powder coating over it prevents the fading of color due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The use of such high-quality material raises the cost of outdoor chaise lounges.

2. High quality of wood

Outdoor chaise lounges are available in different materials and one of them is wood.

If they will use cheap ordinary woods for manufacturing the outdoor chaise lounges then they won’t last for much longer. The reason is that the dazzling hot and ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage the wood and make it extremely weaker. Other factors like rainwater and snow can also damage the wood by rotting and decaying it. Consequently, the chaise lounge will become brittle and break up. This way your money will be wasted.

Instead, they use teak which is a premium type of wood that is more reliable and has a longer life. Now many of you will be unaware that there are 3 different grades of teak that affect the price of chaise lounges.

Grade 1 – It is the most luxurious, expensive, and premium quality teak that comes from the tree’s center. It is enriched with natural oils that help fight pests, termites, and also do not degrade due to extreme weather conditions.

Grade 2 – It is the mediocre type of teak wood that comes from the outer region of the tree. It has a little concentration of natural oil. This type cannot survive for too much time in outdoor conditions.

Grade 3 – It is the poorest quality of teak wood that comes from the external part of a matured log. It doesn’t have any natural oils in it. Therefore, it cannot be used outdoors as it will degrade and break easily.

That’s why they use grade 1 teak or other high-quality wood like cedar, shorea, acacia, and eucalyptus for making the chaise lounges. It’s because these types of wood can survive for much longer in extreme outdoor conditions. They have a lot of natural oils which make them resistant to rough weather, pests, and termites.

But the premium quality wood used for making outdoor chaise lounges is very expensive due to which the outdoor chaise lounges are so expensive as well.

3. High quality plastic

Some chaise lounges are also made up of plastic which should be of the highest quality.

The cheap plastic can melt during intense temperatures as well as its color can fade away too.

Therefore, they use the best and high quality of plastic that can withstand extreme weather and its color also doesn’t fade away due to the sun. This also increases the cost of outdoor chaise lounges.

4. Seats, pillows, and cushions

The seats, pillows, and cushions used in outdoor chaise lounges are completely different from the ones that we use indoors.

It’s because the outdoor seats, pillows, and cushions are exposed to direct sunlight that can make their color fade away. Moreover, they can also get wet due to rain & water.

That’s why they use a special type of fabric and material for the pillows, cushions, and seats of outdoor chaise lounges which are resistant to color fading. It also dries up quickly if it gets wet due to rain or water.

All this contributes towards increasing the price of outdoor chaise lounges and make them so expensive.

Things to know before buying outdoor chaise lounges

Things to know before buying outdoor chaise lounges

Are you planning to buy outdoor chaise lounges? If yes, then you must know all these things before you can go ahead and make the purchase:

1. Choose the chaise lounge that meets your needs

The very first thing you should do is to check if the outdoor chaise lounge meets your needs or not? Does it have everything you need? Does it support your back? Try sitting on it and feel if it’s comfortable or not.

If the chaise lounge will meet your needs, then you will also enjoy using it.

2. Choose the right material

Outdoor chaise lounges are made from different materials like plastic, wood, metal, and aluminum. You need to choose the right type of material that suits your needs and the way you’ll use it. Some materials are good for indoor use while some are best for outdoors like teak and metal.

Choosing the right material for the right job will give a longer life to your chaise lounge.

3. The durability of chaise lounge

Is the chaise longue you’re looking to purchase durable? Can it survive the harsh and rough weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, dust, and ultraviolet rays of the sun? These are the things you need to clear before making the purchase.

If your chaise lounge will be durable then you will love it because it will last for longer and give you the value for money you’ve spent on it.

4. Maintenance of chaise lounge

The next thing to look for is to find out how easy is it to maintain your chaise lounge? Can you maintain it very easily or it requires hectic efforts?

The chaise lounges that are easy to maintain will make things much easy for you.

5. The appearance of chaise lounge

The appearance of chaise longue is a very important factor that you need to consider.

 Does the chaise longue you want to purchase look good in appearance or it is too ugly? Will its appearance and colors change after exposure to outdoor conditions? You need to know these things.

An attractive chaise lounge will increase the beauty of your home and make it look amazing. Plus, if the material is good then the chaise lounge will look good throughout all the seasons and have a longer life.

6. Weight of chaise lounge

The weight of the chaise lounge matters a lot and you need to check that as well.

Is it lightweight and easy to move around? Or it is extremely heavy, bulky, and extremely difficult to move?

If the chaise lounge will be lightweight then it will be easier for you to maintain it and move it around when there’s a need.

7. Price for value

Another main thing to consider is to check the value for the price.

You need to check that you are getting a valuable chaise lounge in return for the money you are spending. It should be of good quality in terms of material, maintenance, durability, and appearance.

Is expensive chaise lounges worth it

Is it spending more money on chaise lounges worth it? Yes because they are built with premium quality material that makes them good for outdoor use.

If you are planning to buy a chaise lounge then make sure to follow all the tips we have provided as it’ll help you get the best one.