Is Nyatoh wood good for furniture

Nyatoh wood has been used for a really long time in Asian countries where Indonesia, the Philippines, and India are some of the biggest users of this wood. People of these and nearby countries have been utilizing this wood to craft various products such as cabinets, small boats, and utility construction for a long time.

The fact is that Nyatoh wood is not really durable compared to other wood kinds being used in the production of furniture and this is the reason that people are asking the question, is Nyatoh wood good for furniture?

Is Nyatoh wood good for furniture

This article will surely address this question but let me tell you one thing, the Rainforest Relief has asked the people to consider Nyatoh in the list of trees that should be curtailed as they play an important role in protecting forests.

Where does Nyatoh wood come from?

Nyatoh is not the name of a single wood but it is the trademark name of different hardwoods types that are categorized in the genera Payena and Palaquium.

The wood is widely found in the Rainforest environment of the various Southeast Asian countries while Indonesia and the Philippines are the top two producers and exporters of this wood.

The wood is slightly reddish in color and because of its flexible composition, it brings ease for the manufacturer to craft and to make furniture as it efficiently accepts stains and paints as well.

Because of these reasons combined with its low price, Nyatoh wood is widely being made in the North American region as people are using this wood for flooring and furniture making purposes.

Is Nyatoh wood heavy?

Nyatoh is one of the hardwoods that are fairly light as they have an average air-dry density of about 400 to 1075 kg/m3. As Nyatoh wood is categorized as a moderate wood in terms of weight, manufacturers find it is easy to craft and create unique styles and patterns.

As said earlier, Nyatoh wood comes from a wide range of tree species so durability varies from species to species even if they all are light in weight. There are a few that are extremely durable while others are just mediocre or not so durable at all.

Is Nyatoh wood waterproof?

The end grain or texture of the Nyatoh wood is considered a little bit prone to water and if moisture gets inside the wood pores and remain there for a long time, it can cause the wood to swell and may start the rotting process as well especially if the wood is exposed to water on regular basis.

The best thing about Nyatoh wood is that it is best in absorbing and accepting paints and stains which make it fairly suitable to be used for furniture.

Applying oil paint on the wood will mitigate the chances of rotting and getting affected by moisture to a greater extent. For your benefit, it is highly recommended to be generous while applying a paint coat as it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Pros of Nyatoh wood furniture

  • Extremely efficient and accepting in terms of paint, stains, and finishing.
  • It has almost the same texture as cherry wood.
  • Easy to work and handle because of its lightweight.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of Nyatoh wood furniture

  • Durability is not as long as many other good hardwoods.
  • Require proper paint and staining to protect it from water.

Can I recycle wood furniture?

Furniture made up of wood or any other metal can easily and efficiently be recycled at almost all local stores in your area.

Some states also have Local Authorities that provide their residents with a collection service if you just want the furniture to get recycled but don’t want to take it again. 

It is not just a good idea but recommended as well because recycling wood furniture to use yourself or donate it to someone in need is a far better practice than wasting a furniture piece.

Can I paint wooden furniture?

Almost all wooden furniture can be painted or stained but their ability to absorb and provide an excellent finish vary depending on the type, pores, texture, composition, and many other factors.

There are some woods that don’t really look good if painted while most of the wooden furniture just gives an excellent finish.

You need to pre-treat the wood furniture before applying paint to have smooth and even paint. Mixed media, oil, acrylic, and all other related paints can be used on wooden furniture without any hassle.

How to identify Nyatoh wood furniture?

Just like all other woods, identifying Nyatoh wood furniture depends on a few factors where color, texture, grain pattern, and weight are the most prominent.

As Nyatoh wood is extracted from different species of trees, there are possibilities that some factors may vary but most of the below mentioned will be the same in all kinds of Nyatoh wood furniture.

  1. The color of Nyatoh sapwood is somewhere between light yellowish to straw-colored.
  2. The heartwood of Nyatoh is almost the same but it is a slightly different shade from purplish to reddish-brown or sometimes pale pink as well.
  3. The grain patterns of Nyatoh wood furniture are interlocked and straight with a smooth texture.
  4. The weight of Nyatoh wood furniture is light and is in the hardwood category. Lifting the furniture will also give you an idea that it is Nyatoh wood but you should consider all the factors combined to have better verification.

How to take care of Nyatoh wood furniture?

Taking care of Nyatoh wood furniture is more important because, without proper care and maintenance, you may not be able to keep Nyatoh wood furniture in good condition for a long time. Protecting it from moisture is the most essential factor to look upon.

  1. Proper finishing is essential especially if you are going to place Nyatoh wood furniture in an outside environment.
  2. Applying coats of paints that can protect the wood furniture from sunlight is also important as direct sunlight can affect the texture of furniture to a great extent.
  3. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dust, debris, and mold.