What color walls go with brown furniture

For most people, brown furniture is dull and boring. However, when placed and use in the right setting, your brown furniture can actually look downright chic and stylish. But, what color paint goes with dark brown furniture in the first place? What colors go well with espresso furniture?

It doesn’t matter if you fell in love at first sight with a plush chocolate brown duvet or your grandaunt passed down to you her mahogany dining table. There are a few tips to help you pick the right paint colors to go with brown furniture that will help you showcase your beloved pieces and set the perfect mood based on your personality.

What color walls go with brown furniture

Mid-tone walls for a soothing haven

This one is the favorite choice for the certified nesters out there. If you are a fan of intimate gatherings while wearing your fuzzy socks in front of a roaring fireplace, you surely want a happy room that will give you a feeling of cozy intimacy.

Mid-tone walls will best complement your dark brown sofa or any other brown pieces. Think soft medium blues, warm golden yellow, soothing greys, creamy tans, or restful grayish-greens. The tip here is to think soft because the last thing you’d want is for your walls to pop to the extent that it envelopes you.

If you got medium wood furniture or mid-brown sofa, pick wall colors that are several shades deeper to make things cozier. Once again, your goal here is to keep everything warm and soft so stay away from stark or vivid colors. We recommend lorenzo leather sofa.

Earth toned walls to create an organic oasis

If you are a big fan of hitting the hiking trails instead of the glitzy shopping malls, you will surely love to live in a nature-inspired space. The good news is that you can simply create it with your brown furniture. As you noticed, Mother Nature herself used her savvy eye for decorating when she opted for brown as the trees and soil’s grounding color.

For this, you can go for earth tones to achieve an inviting color scheme. You can think warm peach and burnt umber for a southwestern palate, mustard yellow and rich terra cotta to invoke that sun-scorched Tuscan landscape, a combination of ivories and grays to resemble the river rocks’ natural mosaic, green for a lush jungle vibe, and sky blue as a dazzling contrast to dark brown. Don’t worry if you have no idea where to begin because all it takes is a quick glance outside the window to find some inspiration.

Texture is the key for your nature-inspired room. Grasscloth wallpaper offers amazing earthiness just like natural fiber rugs such as seagrass, jute, and sisal. All living room surfaces is the perfect chance to vary the textures. You can think clay pots as accessories, a hide rug, a stone-topped coffee table, or nubby boucle throw pillows.

Creamy ivory walls for a chic enclave

All shades of brown, from deep chocolate to pale sand can look ultra-sophisticated if you pair it with walls of creamy ivory color. Its high contrast with brown color offers an upscale and rich timeless feeling. You can add in a sophisticated contrasting cornflower blue for accent colors or you can just settle with the tonal palate of some neutral colors such as toffee, cocoa, sand, and ivory.

Even though every shade of ivory wall is a beautiful complement for brown, pure white’s harshness can take away its warmth so make sure that you go for mellower and softer tones. Your goal here is tonal contrast instead of a stark one.

Orange walls for dazzle and glam

If you want something bodacious and bold, you can put your brown furniture under the spotlight with a punch of color. Thanks to Hermes, that certified iconic brand, orange and deep brown is the combination that says upscale chic loud and clear.

Aside from that, any space can have a dose of happiness when you paint your walls in orange. You can pick an orange that has the closest shade to the actual orange as much as possible. Tangerine is also a great pair for brown. You can also throw in an ivory rug or any other furniture piece and a few twinkling bras accents to create a fabulous glam pad that look like it came straight from the 70s.

By the day, you don’t really need to paint your whole room in orange just to achieve that coveted oomph. You can pick one wall as your accent wall to create a unique visual punch.

For those who are not fond of orange but you still want something glam, you can also paint your walls with a glossy deep brown. Going brown on brown might seem counterintuitive but it can actually create a rich and sensational continuity. The secret to ensure that your room doesn’t give off that cave vibe is to pick high gloss paint for your walls to reflect off light.

The truth is that any color for your walls, as long as it is done in high gloss, can add a more special touch for your brown furniture. However, make sure that you hire a professional painter since walls must be prepared really well for the high gloss paint to make sure you achieve an even and smooth finish.

Consider these colors with care

At this point, you already know that you should avoid pairing brown furniture with stark white walls but there are some other colors that you would want to consider with extra.


The combination of pink and brown had a popular era way back during the 90s. However, the main concern about such trends is that they tend to get outdated really fast. Brown with pale pink is fine if you are decorating the room of your little girl. But for rooms for grownups, you might want to avoid pink and go for classier shades that will carry a punch such as brilliant sky blue, lime green, or orange.


All shades of red, from maroon to cherry, can bring out your dark brown furniture’s red undertones and make it seem muddy. It is also not advisable for mid-brown furniture since this pairing can look dull.

Brown furniture for bedrooms

Brown furniture for bedrooms

All the recommendations above for the colors of your wall can also work well for bedrooms with brown furniture. Many people put their budget and energy for decorating in their living rooms but since your bedroom is the place where you end and start each day, it also needs some love. It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping in a brown velvet upholstered bed or a modern pine platform bed, you can follow the above guidelines to turn your bedroom into the room of your dreams!

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