Why are armchairs so expensive

Armchairs are way better than the ordinary chairs we use at our homes & offices. Why? It’s because they come with an additional armrest section where you can put your arms and relax. It prevents you from getting tired too easily and keeps you comfortable.

This way you can stay focused on your task for longer and increase your productivity. But whenever people plan to buy an armchair, they are forced to change their mind because of the high prices. Why are armchairs so expensive in Malaysia? Is expensive furniture worth it? Everyone needs an answer to this question.

Why are armchairs so expensive

What are the possible factors that lead to an increase in the price of an armchair? Is there something special about armchairs that make them expensive? Don’t go anywhere because we’ll explore all of that in this article.

Reasons why armchairs are so expensive

Here we are going to take a detailed look at all the reasons that contribute towards increasing the cost of armchairs:

1. The durability of armchairs

The first factor that influences the price of armchairs is their durability. Different armchairs may have different prices depending upon their durability.

If an armchair is made up of cheap, ordinary material then it may not be much durable and have a shorter life. Which means that it will soon fell apart. But since the materials used in the construction of armchairs are cheaper, therefore, its price will also be cheaper.

However, if an armchair is made using premium high-quality material, then it will be more durable and have a longer life.  But the use of high-quality material will raise the cost of the armchair at the same time.

The simple rule is that a less durable armchair means less cost of manufacturing, so it will have a less price. A more durable chair means more cost of manufacturing, so it will have a higher price.

2. The design of the armchair

The design of an armchair also has a significant impact on the prices.

We think that the armchairs are just a few bits of metal and wood joined together to form a chair. However, the reality isn’t as it seems. If we look at the background process of making a chair, we’ll realize that it takes hours of hard work and a lot of hectic efforts to make an armchair.

The designers use the best of their minds to think about the shape, size, and design of the chair so that it looks good in your home. All of this hard work and effort putinto the design increases the cost of the armchair.

3. The upholstery of the armchair

Armchairs are incomplete without upholstery. The armchair has two basic parts; one is the structure & frame of the chair while the second is the upholstery (seat) of the armchair where you will sit.

The upholstery of the armchair also strongly influences the price in so many ways. If you are planning to buy an armchair with high-quality upholstery fabric or internal material that is durable and comfortable then the price of the chair will also be higher. It’s because the good quality material is originally expensive itself. So, using it in the armchair will also make it expensive.

On the other hand, some armchairs also have less expensive upholstery that is less durable, less flexible, and less comfortable. Such armchairs then fall into the less expensive categories and have a cheaper price.

Therefore, the upholstery material of an armchair plays an important in determining the price of the armchairs.

4. The frame material of the armchair

The major part of the armchair is the frame that forms the whole structure of the chair. The frame material used in the structure of the chair also has a very sold impact on its price.

If the frame material is made up of some very durable material like high-quality wood or metal, then it will have a much higher price as compared to the armchair made up with ordinary cheap frame material.

You need to look at the value you are getting in return for the money you have spent. A strong and durable frame material means your armchair will be powerful. It will be able to absorb a lot of weight and won’t break that easily. This way you will be able to use it for years.

On contrary, the armchairs with a weaker frame material will start breaking and cracking after sometime and your money will go lost.

5. The effect of age& value

The age and value of a particular armchair also have a major impact on its price.

If the armchair you want to purchase holds any significant cultural, historical, religious value or it is an antique collectible item that rarely exists in the current modern era then its price will be high as well.

Therefore, the age and value of an armchair can also be the reason why its price is too high.

6. The time, energy, and cost for manufacturing

Another reason why the armchairs are usually expensive is the time, energy, and money consumed during the manufacturing of the armchair.

What if someone tells you to take some wood, metal, upholstery material and start making a wonderful armchair. Will you be able to do it instantly? No, you won’t. Instead, you will end up spending hours of your precious time, energy, and money more than the actual cost of the armchair.

The point is that it takes a lot of hard work and effort into making an armchair. The manufacturers have to keep a lot of things in mind like making the perfect design & color combination, using strong & durable frame material, carving the wood, making comfortable cushions and upholstery, etc.

All of this takes considerable time, energy, money, and effort. That’s why the armchairs are expensive as well.

Do expensive armchairs worth buying


Yes because of the time, energy, money, and quality material put into the manufacturing of the armchairs that make them expensive.

However, it doesn’t mean that you will only get a good armchair if you spend a lot of money. No, that is wrong. You can easily find a high-quality, durable, and beautiful armchair at a cheaper price with a little bit of research. Try exploring all of your local markets, search different online marketplaces, and ask people around you if they know anyone selling a good armchair for less price.

This way you’ll surely linkup with someone and find your dream armchair at a less price.

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