Is ikea furniture made in china

Even though IKEA is the world’s largest furniture shop, the company’s furniture it sells is not made. Most IKEA’s goods are developed in Sweden, but they are manufactured in China and other developing nations, including Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

Other than these nations, IKEA’s products are also developed in European countries like Poland and Romania. Approximately 1,350 dealers in 52 countries provide IKEA’s Swedish furniture. Ikea’s Swedish-style and eco-friendly furniture has made it a favorite among shoppers.

Is ikea furniture made in china

Shoppers are drawn to the brand’s low prices as well as its stunning designs. So is IKEA furniture made in China? If it’s produced in China, does that make Ikea cheaper? Is ikea furniture good?

Let’s take a look below to find all answers to these questions.

Is ikea made in china

Founded in Sweden, Ikea designs and sells furniture and other items which are pre-assembled and ready to use. There is no doubt that they are the world’s largest furniture store however, they do not produce the items they sell.

They have more than a thousand suppliers who provide the company’s furniture, and it has production operations in several nations. Ikea’s success is due in large part to the fact that they can provide excellent furnishings at such affordable prices. For example, a well-built Ikea couch can be for $400 only.

Due to remarkably low prices on well-designed furniture, people often raise their eyebrows, wondering if the products IKEA offers are made in China. Well, IKEA has about 2000 suppliers all across the globe among which, 22% of suppliers belong to China.

This means, there is a total of 350 suppliers of IKEA in China. However, this does not mean the whole furniture collection IKEA has is made in China. Just like other countries, China is also only a supplier to IKEA.

Is ikea a chinese company

IKEA is not a Chinese company. It’s a Swedish company offering catchy and graceful Swedish designs to the public made by a total of 2000 suppliers all across the globe. China just like other countries, is only a supplier of furniture to IKEA. As per the company’s background, Ingvar Kamprad, the company’s founder, and a young entrepreneur began selling furniture manufactured by local manufacturers by regular mail.

In 1943. His business expanded, and Kamprad began offering furniture catalogs to replace local advertising and word-of-mouth. As a mail-order company, IKEA established its first furniture store in 1953 in Älmhult, Sweden. Before ordering, customers could see for themselves the quality and value.

After starting to develop its distinctive furniture goods in 1956, IKEA stands out from other low-cost furniture shops because of its unique design approach.

Today IKEA has more than 350 shops in 41 countries all across the globe. Shipment of furniture is also possible however, you have to pay shipping charges.

Where is ikea furniture manufactured

IKEA is a Swedish Company whose products are mostly designed in Sweden. However, most of the manufacturing is in China. China is not the only place where IKEA products are manufactured. There are several other countries including Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and European Countries (Poland, and Romania).

IKEA’s products other than Europe and China, are mostly manufactured within the developing economies. This is because the manufacturing cost of each product is far cheaper than in a developed country (e.g. USA). If the same products began manufacturing in the USA, chances are the prices of the products will increase and vice versa.

Like mentioned previously, about 22% of suppliers are available in China, whereas the other 78% of suppliers belongs from other countries manufacturing for IKEA.

Currently, more than 16,000 employees are working at 50 industrial facilities (manufacturing sectors) in 10 different countries. Ikea sells over 100 million pieces of furniture a year, thanks to the factory workforce.

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Where does ikea get their materials

IKEA prefers manufacturing its products using recycling. As per the company’s insights, choosing materials is about making responsible judgments. Recycled or recyclable materials are used when renewable resources are unavailable.

The company aims to keep pricing cheap and quality excellence in everything they make.

However, it’s not only about the materials used in the construction. People, production, and transportation are all important. The possibilities are endless. As per the company’s objective, it wants to guarantee long-term access to sustainable raw materials and alter the way the industry operates by engaging with others and pushing themselves.

In 2018, a spokesperson asked the CEO of IKEA in India about the materials they gather and use within their products. The retailer then answered, that about 60% of their products are made with renewable materials, while 10% with recycled.

The raw materials (preferably wood) they get are from the following countries: Sweden, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, and Germany. As per cotton, then get it from Pakistan, India, Turkey, China, Brazil, and the USA. 

What ikea products are made in china 

Although the company is Swedish, there are many products that it manufactures in China. The products manufactured in China are often those that don’t weigh a lot, can be easily shipped, are great for everyday use, and are cheap. The items manufactured in china Include:

  • Desk Chairs
  • Office Chairs
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Office desks
  • Dustbins
  • Sofas
  • Bedroom fabric drawers
  • Library seats
  • Cabinet Lockers
  • Counter stools for restaurants and bars
  • Bookcases
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Comfortable seating chairs
  • Coffee tables
  • Clothes wardrobe for students
  • Computer chairs
  • Kids eating and swinging chairs
  • Product organizers
  • And more

These products are designed to keep the safety and security of people in mind. All products are environmentally friendly.

Is ikea overrated

A lot of often wonder whether if IKEA as a company itself is overrated or not. Well, many people enjoy shopping from the company while others, just simply don’t like their products. So yes!!! IKEA is a bit overrated, and the reasons are as follows:

  • People love to make fun of others who try to assemble IKEA furniture and fail. The reason may be clumsiness, missing parts, poor instructions, not reading instructions, or easily breaking parts. This is because usually, customers have to assemble IKEA furniture themselves since most of it comes in parts, just to make it easier to be shipped. It might be cheaper to sell however, consumers often have difficulties assembling the stuff as a result of this method of transportation.
  • The products are so well-known that many people are familiar with them, and chances are, your friends have the same things as you, or at least know their names. So if you buy an IKEA product, there is no need to flaunt, since it’s not elite class like an iPhone. It’s just too common.
  • Everything at IKEA is fabricated from the cheapest materials known to man. Things like hollow wood packed with cardboard and other such materials, as well as plenty of plastic and polishing to make the item look appealing.
  • The cost of furnishing a house is high, and IKEA furniture is much cheaper than anything else. As a result, many new homes are nearly entirely equipped with IKEA furniture. In the end, the outcome is a very unique IKEA appearance, however, it causes such an impression upon the guests, that they believe you are middle class.
  • Before IKEA, locally-made furniture was much more popular in Malaysia. To compete with IKEA’s low prices, local producers are either forced to work for IKEA or, simply reduce their product prices, or just close their business. Those who begin working with IKEA accept less than perfect contracts and compromise their quality standards so that the product can sell cheaper.

Therefore, IKEA is indeed overrated and not a high-standard brand like Boca do Lobo from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Which countries have ikea stores

IKEA is currently selling its products in many different countries of the world. The total number of countries in which IKEA operates are 59 belonging from UAE, Asia, Europe, UK, and the USA. The countries are mentioned as follows:


There is a total of 31 countries IKEA is targeting as a market for selling their goods. The countries along with their stores are mentioned below:

  1. Sweden (20 stores)
  2. Norway (7 stores)
  3. Denmark ( 5 stores)
  4. Switzerland ( 9 stores)
  5. Germany ( 54 stores as it’s the largest market of IKEA)
  6. Austria (4 stores)
  7. Netherlands (13 stores)
  8. Spain (24 stores)
  9. Iceland ( 1 store)
  10. France (37 stores)
  11. Belgium ( 8 stores)
  12. Italy (21 stores )
  13. Hungary (3 stores)
  14. Poland (12 stores)
  15. Czech Republic ( 4 stores)
  16. Serbia (1 store)
  17. Slovakia ( 1 store)
  18. Finland ( 6 stores)
  19. Greece (5 stores)
  20. Portugal ( 5 stores)
  21. Romania (2 stores)
  22. Ireland ( 1 store)
  23. Bulgaria ( 1 store)
  24. Lithuania ( 3 stores)
  25. Indonesia (1 store)
  26. Latvia (1 store)
  27. Estonia (1 store)
  28. Ukraine (1 store)
  29. Slovenia (1 store)
  30. Turkey ( 7 stores)
  31. Cyprus ( 1 store)

United States of America

Currently, 4 countries of the USA is IKEA targeting as a market of selling their goods. The countries along with their stores include:

  1. United States ( 52 stores and the 2nd largest market of IKEA)
  2. Canada (14 stores)
  3. Puerto Rico (3 stores)
  4. Mexico (1 store)

Persian Gulf

Currently, IKEA is targeting 4 countries in the Persian Gulf as a market for selling their goods. The countries along with their stores are:

  1. Saudi Arabia (4 stores)
  2. UAE ( 3 stores)
  3. Qatar (1 store)
  4. Bahrain (1 store)
  5. Kuwait (2 stores)


Other countries IKEA is targeting are from Asian-specific regions. The countries are:

  1. Japan ( 9 stores)
  2. Hong Kong ( 4 stores)
  3. Singapore ( 3 stores)
  4. Taiwan ( 6 stores)
  5. Malaysia ( 4 stores)
  6. China (36 stores and the third-largest market of IKEA)
  7. Israel (6 stores)
  8. Thailand ( 3 stores)
  9. Egypt (3 stores)
  10. South Korea (4 stores)
  11. Morocco (2 stores)
  12. India ( 2 stores)
  13. Jordan ( 1 store)


Other countries IKEA is targeting belong from different regions of the world. The countries are:

  1. Australia (10 stores)
  2. Dominican Republic ( 4 stores)
  3. Macau ( 1 store)
  4. Croatia ( 1 store)

How many stores does ikea have globally 

As per the information mentioned above, there are about 481 stores IKEA has operating globally among which, 259 are from Europe, 81 are from Asia, 70 are from the USA, 11 are from the Persian Gulf, and 16 are from other countries respectively.

What country has the most ikea stores

Currently, Germany has the largest number of stores in its country (about 54 stores) resulting in the biggest market for IKEA products.


Ikea has been around for a long time and has maintained the IKEA Concept from the beginning. Design, sourcing, packing, and distribution are all part of the IKEA Concept.

More individuals can live a better life at home with the products manufactured by this company due to its unique designs, and affordability. However, it’s upon the buyer to either purchase the product or go for something else.

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